Yeovil & South Somerset LETS
Terms & Conditions of Use


1. Members agree to their details being held online by the Yeovil and South Somerset LETS (YSSL) Community Exchange System (CES)* for sharing them with other YSSL Members and other CES exchange organisations worldwide for the purposes of trade and exchange and on computer to back up data.

2. Members understand they are entitled to use CES where they can view their own and other Members’ details and accounts. If they are unable to use CES then they will be given help to access or provided with the same details as if they were able to use it.

3 Members may give or receive credit in YSSL currency units, called "scrumpys". Transactions are recorded centrally on the CES accounting system.

4. Members agree to pay a joining fee if required and an administration fee in scrumpys towards the running of the group. These fees may vary in amount and format to ensure costs are met by the Membership. Members will be notified of any changes before they take place.

5. Only Members can authorise the transfer of scrumpys from their account to that of another Member, except for joining and administration fees that may be transferred by the Administrator to the YSSL administration accounts in accordance with the policy of the membership.

6 All accounts start at zero. Members are not obliged to have credit in their accounts before issuing other Members with credit, subject to any limit that may be set up by the Administrator. No interest is ever charged on accounts.

7. Members will pay their sterling membership fees promptly in each year on or before the due date, accept the amount agreed by the membership and understand that they may be suspended if they have not paid by the due date and have their membership cancelled if they continue to fail to pay.

8. If sterling expenses are to be incurred for a trade or service, Members will agree the basis for pricing with their trading partner(s) before the work is carried out. LETS trading must not be transacted on a sterling only basis.

9. Members agree that they or their helpers will use the CES online system to keep their details, offerings and wants up-to-date.

10 YSSL gives no warranty or undertaking as to the value, fitness for purpose, condition or quality of services or items offered either directly or through the directories of Offers and Wants made available to Members on the CES online system. Members should seek to determine for themselves the quality or standard of workmanship offered before agreeing to a transaction.

11. Members agree to trade in a fair, honest, responsible and reliable manner. YSSL may decline to record an account or directory entry considered inappropriate for legal or other reasons.

12 YSSL reserves the right, at their discretion, to deny membership to an applicant in exceptional circumstances. The Core Group may act on behalf of YSSL in seeking a satisfactory explanation from a Member whose activity is considered to be contrary to the interests of the membership. The Core Group may suspend membership in the case of delinquent accounts and in the last resort may remove a Member from the system.

13. Members will be offered advice if their accounts go beyond the debit limit (if any) indicated on CES.

14. Members understand that one hour’s work is valued at 10 scrumpys and has no sterling equivalent. This rate will be assumed to apply unless they agree to a different rate with their trading partner before the work is carried out.

15 Members are individually responsible for their own personal or business tax returns and liabilities. YSSL cannot accept any responsibility for tax claims on participants and has no obligation or liability to report to the tax authorities or to collect taxes on their behalf.

16 Members agree to try and attend at least 3 meetings per year and to participate in decision making.

17. Members agree that when sending emails to other Members, they will use the letters LETS in the subject matter box to facilitate good email management. Members must not send bulk emails.

18. Members understand that the Arbitration Group may act on behalf of YSSL in helping Members seek resolution to trading disagreements, that they can seek explanation from a person whose actions are considered to be contrary to the interests of the Membership and accept that they have the right to deny Membership to an applicant in exceptional circumstances at their discretion.

19. Members are asked to bring the balance in their scrumpy account to zero when they leave YSSL.

20. These Terms and Conditions apply equally to Individual, Shared, Company and Organisation memberships.

21. Members agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and those embodied in the Constitution of the Yeovil and South Somerset LETS.


Two or more members of the same family at the same address may join as a Shared Member (children do not need to register). Please select either Individual, Shared, Company or Organisation under the "Registering as" option when you register.

Each type of membership pays the same annual fees as an individual and are treated as an individual for all listings of Wants and Offers.

If you change your mind, we can always amend your choice later.


YSSL Data Protection and Retention Policy

Electronic Records

Yeovil and South Somerset LETS (YSSL) uses the Community Exchange System (CES)* to record and retain:

We also use CES to store up to one year of Minutes of Meetings and Minutes of Core Group meetings for access by YSSL Members together with a Newsletter archive.

CES has informed us that:

It is the responsibility of each Member to log into CES (or ask a Coordinator to update on their behalf) in order to:

In addition, a Member can unsubscribe from the Newsletter by notifying the Newsletter Editor.

When a Member leaves YSSL, only their name will be retained in the records so that the name appears alongside any transactions they may have made.

Any Member leaving without a debit balance has the right to request in writing to “be forgotten” in which case even their name will be deleted from our records and any transactions will be marked as “CLOSED ACCOUNT”.

Any Member who leaves YSSL without having made any transactions will be completely deleted from the database.

Paper Records

YSSL does not retain any paper copies of personal details although it is possible that any of its Members may have downloaded or printed a list of active users.

Membership Renewal

By renewing their Membership, Members agree to these Terms and Conditions

*Community Exchange Systems Ltd is a not-for-profit company registered under Section 21 of the Companies Act of South Africa. It is community-based exchange system that provides the means for communities to trade and exchange their goods and services, both locally and remotely. It could also be described as a global complementary trading network that operates without money as it is commonly understood.

CES International and CES Australia

The CES, as an online web service, started in 2003 in Cape Town, South Africa, as the Cape Town Talent Exchange. From there it spread to 91 countries. In 2011 Australia had the most CES exchanges, which prompted the setting up of a separate Australian CES server and the formation of a separate Australian management team – CES Australia.