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Terms & Conditions of Use

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1. I agree to my details being held on on-line system for the sole purpose of use by Reading LETS members, for the purposes of trade and exchange.
In addition some members could apply to voluntarily have their details visible to other on-line trading systems to facilitate wider trading.

2. I understand that members are not obliged to accept any particular invitation to trade, or to engage in any transaction whatsoever with other members. Members are advised to agree terms with other members prior to trading, in order to avoid any misunderstandings arising.

3. If I require payment for expenses to be incurred on a job, (eg. for materials, petrol, etc) I will agree the price with my trading partner(s) before the work is carried out.

4. I understand that no warranty or undertaking as to the value, condition or quality of services or items exchanged is expressed or implied by virtue of the introduction of members to each other. Reading LETS publishes a list of the resources and services available to members but cannot be held responsible for the actual goods and services offered. Members must therefore ascertain for themselves the quality of goods and services on offer. The Core Group cannot be responsible for any member acting outside the law.

5. I understand that ten Readies is valued at one hour’s work and has no sterling equivalent.

6. I agree to trade in a fair, honest, responsible and reliable manner and not let my account go into debt beyond the agreed limit.

7. I agree to my trading balance being part of trading statistics circulated to the membership.

8. In the event of leaving Reading LETS, I agree to make every effort to leave without a negative balance.

9. I understand that individuals nominated by the Core Group may act on behalf of Reading LETS:
- in helping members seek resolution to trading disagreements;
- in seeking explanation from a person whose actions are considered to be contrary to the interests of the membership;
- in exceptional circumstances denying membership to an applicant at their discretion.

10. I have been provided with a copy of the Constitution and accept its provisions.

June 2015

NOTES (Not part of Membership Agreement)

To keep this to a sensible length the Constitution is not included here. If you want to read it in advance there's a link on the Membership page of the web site

When you submit your membership form the system will send you a confirmation notice stating that you should contact the Membership Coordinator if you don't get your account details within 24 hours.
This is actually unrealistic for a mainly voluntary organisation but we haven't got access to change that message in the software.

Community Exchange Software is used to run this system and many others which work in various different ways.
Ours is a Local Exchange Trading System and before your account can be activated we require that you pay a one off joining fee of £5 and meet with us at the regular monthly Meet & Greet session or somewhere else by arrangement. Ideally the payment can be done at that time and we can usually immediately activate your account. In fact the Membership Coordinator will contact you to arrange this in a few days.

We do not accept purely on line applications for the security of our members

Maybe better to give it a week or so before chasing, but do contact us if you've got any questions.

Reading LETS Administration

By clicking here I acknowledge that I have read the above terms of use and conditions and are bound by them to the CES and RLET and their administrators as well as to other users. I am also subject to prevailing terms and conditions regarding inter-group trading. I acknowledge further that these terms and conditions may be changed by the CES or RLET administration from time to time and I undertake to keep myself abreast of any changes. Participation will be subject to the terms of use prevailing at the time.