The Grove of Mystic Moon Tree
Terms & Conditions of Use

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Only registered account-holders may use the system to advertise and trade and no third party may trade through a registered account holder's account. Shared accounts must name one person who is responsible for the account.


An account-holder may not use the facilities of the CES for advertising purely Dollar-based offerings. Trades may be advertised and effected for part Energies and part Dollars provided that the Dollar component shall not exceed the Energy component, unless the Dollars are for necessary disbursements made by the Seller.


The normal commercial laws of the land between trading parties shall govern all transactions and each party to a transaction takes responsibility for normal legal liabilities, obligations and risk.


New account-holders must start with at least one offering on the system. Registrations with no offerings will not be considered.


Trades are entered into the system by the seller on the basis indicated on the CES website, which procedure may be changed from time to time. Traders will familiarize themselves with the current applicable MMTG CES Trade Lists in the Category in which they are listing & list items according to these guidelines. Current Trade Lists Can be found at If your item is not listed on the trade lists please use your best discretion keeping to these rules, when listing. Check trade lists often to make sure your items remain in compliance with our listing rules. Keep in mind that your Guild, or Belief Construct Sphere, or neutral melting pot zone, may have slightly different rules, regulations & policies than the general Grove guidelines.



The administration shall be entitled to charge levies against trades done via the exchange as well as any Dollar portion of a trade. The administration shall be entitled to levy charges in either Energies or Dollars against the Dollar portion of any transaction made.

1.6.2 The amount of the levy shall be as set or amended by the administration from time to time.
1.6.3 The administration shall be entitled to use the levies accrued to manage and further the aims of the MMTG as well as the CES.


1.7.1 All new accounts are created with a balance of zero Energies.
1.7.2 Account-holders shall be entitled to begin trading without having a positive balance and may so incur a debit balance in their accounts.
1.7.3 The administration may set limits to the extent to which accounts may go into debit and credit.
1.7.4 The administration may set and adjust criteria according to which account limits may be set. As a result debit and credit limits may vary from account to account.


It shall be the duty of each seller in a transaction to ensure that the buyers have not exceeded their limits before agreeing to a transaction. If a buyer's debit limit is exceeded then the transaction may be declined by the administration, in which event:

1.8.1 The seller will have to take recourse against the buyer personally
1.8.2 The parties accept the jurisdiction of the small claims court, alternatively the magistrates' court for the district having jurisdiction
1.8.3 The seller shall be entitled to claim the amount owed in Energies, or in Dollars on the basis of one Dollar being equal to one Energy.


The administrator of the CES shall be entitled to set limits to the amount of credit that trading exchanges may incur vis a vis other exchanges as well as lay down terms and conditions governing inter-exchange trading.


Trading balances are available to all account-holders but details of individual purchases are not.


Advertisements for offerings should be honestly described. Advertisements considered offensive to others, inaccurate, illegal or contrary to the ethics of the system may be withdrawn by the administration without consultation.

An offer advertised on the system amounts to an invitation to do business only and shall not constitute an irrevocable offer to all.


1.12.1 If any other dispute should arise between account-holders or between the administration and any account-holder, the matter shall be referred to mediation, or failing that, to arbitration.
1.12.2 If the parties cannot agree on the person of the arbitrator then an appointment shall be made, if the dispute is between account-holders, by the administration, or if the administration is itself party to the proceedings, by the Registrar. Any such appointee should preferably be a member of the CES, or if not a member, then a person who agrees to act in an honorary capacity.
1.12.3 The arbitrator shall be entitled to make awards for contractual losses or damages but not for delictual or consequential losses. The arbitrator may also make an award as to costs. All awards shall be in Energies. The administrator shall be required to debit or credit any account within the system to give effect to such order or award.
1.12.4 The arbitrator's decision will be final and binding on all parties. The arbitrator will determine procedures to be followed at any hearing and when in doubt the procedures set out in the South African Arbitration Act of 1965 will apply.


Account-holders may not charge interest for lending Energies to other members.


Unless otherwise authorised by the administrator, account-holders may only operate one account in the system.


Unless otherwise authorised by the administrator, all accounts shall be kept in an account-holders personal name.


1.16.1 If any account becomes stale in the opinion of the administrator, the administrator shall be entitled to call up the account, after having given reasonable notice to the account-holder, in which event: Any credit balance will be forfeited to The Grove, unless the account-holder brings their account balance back to zero. If a member with a credit dies their credit will be first distributed by need to heirs & then any excess will be distributed back to those in need within our community, or to the general fund of the grove itself. Any debit balance shall become immediately due and payable. This includes if a member dies that their heirs, or The Grove acting on behalf of or in place of an heir, shall use cash, property or items of the deceased to make immediate effort to bring the account to a zero ballance. Officials of The Grove will not expect heirs to reliquish items of sentimental attachment, or personal need to ballance this debit. the grove may at its discretion choose to ballance a debit via a gift, or charitable donation to its members. If such debit balance on a stale account is not cleared with Energies or Dollars within the time allowed by the administrator, the administrator shall be entitled to proceed against the account-holder on the same basis as set out in Clause 1.8 above as if the account-holder had exceeded their limits. For this purpose the administrator shall be entitled to institute action in his/her own name.
1.16.2 Any account-holder with a stale account will not be entitled to re-apply for an account with the MMTG or the CES, until their obligations towards the MMTG or the CES have been met.
1.16.3 An account will automatically become stale if there has been no activity on the account for a year. "No activity" will mean either no sales or no purchases or no log-in by the account-holder.


If an account-holder wishes to leave the exchange voluntarily, they shall apply to the administrator for deregistration of their account. In such event the same terms and conditions relating to stale accounts as per Clause 1.16 shall apply as if the account was stale.


1.18.1 The administration can suspend an account of any account-holder who breaches any material trading rule or who acts in a way considered to be unethical or contrary to the norms of the CES & The laws of The Grove & USA.
1.18.2 The administration shall notify any account-holder if his or her account has been suspended, and the account-holder shall have fourteen days to dispute the suspension. If no dispute is declared the administration shall then be entitled to terminate the account, in which event it shall be treated as if it was a stale account in terms of Clause 1.16 above.


The administrator shall be entitled to change the terms of use from time to time. In such event the applicable terms will be those prevailing at the time of the action or transaction involved.


2.1 Neither the CES nor the MMTG are party to any transaction between a buyer and a seller and accept no responsibility for the performance of trading parties nor as to their identity or trustworthiness nor as to the subject matter of any trade.
2.2 Neither the CES nor the MMTG accept responsibility for any loss or damage occasioned to any account-holder as a result of information received via the system becoming available to other account-holders or outsiders.
2.3 Account-holders agree to indemnify and hold harmless the CES and the MMTG and the administration and any of their employees or agents from any incident of loss or damage arising out of the use of the system.


I accept the above terms of use and conditions and undertake further to:

3.1 Negotiate a fair trade with other members.
3.2 Keep my personal contact details, my offerings and wants updated.
3.3 Enter transactional information as soon as possible after a transaction takes place. If I do not have the means to do it myself, I will get another user to do it for me or provide the details to a co-ordinator or the administration.
3.4 Regularly review my offerings and ensure that they provide sufficient information for others to engage in trade with me.
3.5 Actively promote my offerings if my account balance is a large negative amount and remains there for a period of more than one month. And, to contact The Grove for other negative ballance community resolution options, if my offers are not accepted.
3.6 To make every effort to keep my balance within the limits prescribed or suggested by the administration from time to time.
3.7 Advise the administration if I should wish to de-register or move from one exchange to another.
3.8 Contribute in cash, approved services, or approved items to The Grove to clear my account if I should de-register or if my account should become stale, on the basis of one Dollar for every Energy outstanding.

I nominate my email address as used on the exchange as the address at which I choose to receive communications and notices.


Trade Status Key


Abundant, or Needed

Free Trade


With Restrictions

See Trade Notes


Rare Limited

Limited Qty & Harvest #'s


Excessive, Wasteful or Environmentally Harmful

See Trade Notes. Use Better Practices. Over Abundance. Not Needed.


Endangered, or Threatened

Do Not Harvest! Do Not Trade. Healing Nature.


Evil Banned

Do Not Trade Illegal!



General Trade Rules


* All trade will be carried out in a manner that is ethical & virtuous. No guild, trade, or crafts person may do business in a manner that is contrary to our fundamental ideals. Please see individual Trade Guild documentation on voted & established practices for each category & individual field of trade. If an individual or group violates these guidelines, rules, regulations, laws & ideals they will be subject to the current prevailing common vote consequences of their sphere, & the inner circle’s disciplinary actions.


* Food will be organic, non GMO, chemical & toxin free. It will be sold free of mold, parasites, pathogens & contaminants. It will be harvested ethically & be processed in the cleanest, most sanitary environment, it will not devastate wild populations, or deplete or damage the land in its manufacture & growth, crops and live stock will be treated ethically & humanely. Animals that are not designated as food animals may not be consumed. Animals will not be killed for their fur, claws, tusks, horns, etc., as there is a modern alternative to these materials & it is seen as cruel & unnecessary to kill life forms for sport, & when there is no need for survival, protection, or population control. If an animal dies of natural causes, or they are consumed for food it will be considered practical & non wasteful to utilize all parts possible with honor & respect to the body of the being whose life was taken. We will leave plants alive after harvesting whenever possible & resow an equal, or additional number of plants after harvest. We shall give back more than we take from the animal & plant world. We will tend the micro flora & fauna of the soil. We shall not destroy natural ecosystems to make way for crops, or livestock. Instead we will design food forests that allow us & our food sources to exist within the ecosystem of the land. Farmers & Ranchers shall not neglect the life, happiness & will of their crops, or herds & provide a harmonious living environment for them. They shall perform rituals of thanks, honor, kindness & respect prior to & after harvest. They will not slaughter or harvest an animal, or plant that is not their own that another member holds an emotional attachment to & never near emotionally sensitive individuals. A stay of harvest may be sought at any time for any plant or animal that a member feels is unique, kind or intelligent & that will benefit the world more with its life rather than its death. A member of the inner circle, or leadership of appropriate virtue within the sphere will evaluate & address members’ concern over the level of harm being done at each harvest. Practicality & Empathy must find balance in the decision making in these situations. Farmers & Ranchers shall be required to provide for any health needs of their crops & herds so that their final products are healthy & full of positive vital life force instead of pain, terror & misery. Other ingestibles like drinks, water, herbs, supplements, medicines, topicals, injectables, inhalants, etc. shall also be held to these standards. Traders in these fields must recognize the great responsibility they have for creating products that don’t harm others, & the environment. Education & mandatory adjustment of practices as well as mending any harm caused will be required with less leniency in fields such as the food & supply chain, the health field & any field that works with harmful or deadly materials. If a business owner truly wants to learn & improve their craft, the community will have resources to help make this easier for them for the benefit of the whole community.


* No new items will be produced in excess of what is needed by the community without a comprehensive plan for recycling, composting, reclaiming, repurposing or recirculation older products. We will not have land fills. If science, technology & popularity trends (i.e. fashion) want to try new things, they will be responsible for reabsorption & breaking down what is old and outworn. Certain old or historic items will be protected from the wasteful advancements & push for new progress & new things. Industries that require packaging will need to use technology, science & innovation to address the wasteful packaging crisis in the world. An emphasis on finding a balance between keeping products sanitary & shelf stable with utilizing green materials that don’t pollute the world. Packaging will need to be reclaimed, sanitized & reused, or recycled by a program established by the trader, be an item an end client can use in some way & recycle easily, or be biodegradable & harmless if a business wants to send it out into the world. Consumers will take more responsibility for their subconscious need to have pretty packaging with eye catching labels. Much of this is useless & wasteful & ultimately encourages marketing companies to employ low vibe practices to brain wash & manipulate buyers. Marketing of this nature will not be tolerated, nor will consumerism & easy throw away practices driven by ignorance & laziness. Members of the grove will endeavor to change their life behaviors to be less harmful & polluting to the environment and support businesses more that try to adopt greener packaging & practices. The grove will endeavor to support infrastructure that makes recycling, reuse & transport of these greener packaging options viable. The grove will also focus on reeducation programs to help industries & individuals implement these new practices into their lives easier.


* Artistry & creativity, science, engineering, technology & innovation are celebrated aspirations. Just because something is new does not necessarily mean it is better. However, we as a community want to focus on evolution & adaptations that advance our species into a higher vibrational way of being than our more primal ancestors. While we don’t want to loose the vast knowledge our ancestors & ultimately repeat their mistakes, we do want to focus as much of our resources as possible into healthy growth, becoming something new & better & learning more about the vast universe instead of simply maintenance, or stagnation in old ways & traditions. Trading Craftsman & Crafts Women will strive to trade products & services that are of the best quality, made & carried out to the best of their ability. They will clearly communicate their skill level & education level to clients & customers. They will within practical reason strive to create work that is of high quality, applicably durable construction & containing non toxic materials (or at least with containment that will sufficiently protect people, pets & environment from any harm, or exposure). They will make amends for harm, or damage their creations cause & take immediate action to remedy any harm their practices or creations may cause in the harvest, or acquisition of resources & in their creation, application, construction, etc. They will accept constructive criticism from the community to better fit the community’s needs. The community may choose to offer assistance to craftsmen to help bring practices into a more harmonious state. Craftsmen & traders will be expected to clearly communicate their struggles & needs to the community. The grove as a whole will strive to improve the quality of life for each & every member. Therefore, it will be required that upon the passing of a skilled tradesman, or teacher that invented or created something new the knowledge of its crafting, & the ability for others to recreate their work will pass on to the inner circle. From there the work, or ideas will be evaluated for their potential harm, or vast benefit to our people & be released either to the schools of knowledge or the public wisdom hubs. If it is within the resources of The Mystic Grove to create & distribute new technology, innovations, creations, etc. to our members, we will do so, giving preference to those that contribute the most to the community, are in the most need, & embody our highest ideals.


* If a community becomes saturated with certain products, services, trades, crafts, industries, etc., we may need to limit the number of new businesses or creators in those fields. To keep cooperatives & corporations, or established businesses from competing for these limited spaces we will have a review system & a mandatory churn opportunity mechanism to protect new innovation, & small businesses. Business must not be allowed to grow to a monopolistic corporate power hungry level, even if they are seen as good at what they do. Once an organization reaches a certain level they hold too much power for any smaller entity to even have a chance to compete. We want to keep competition to a healthy minimum that simply challenges traders to do better & improve, not become threatened for survival. Businesses must not form agreements & alliances that take the power away from the customer in their ability to file a complaint, or request a change, or shop elsewhere, if they are unsatisfied with work, services, or products. This keeps industry honest. Variety is important in an area that is convenient for customers with complimentary goods & services. A balance of convenience & specialty, efficiency & unique practices must be sought.


* To eliminate inflation we will remove the concept of profit. Replacing profit with the concept of convenience as a service that is restricted to a low level in the community. So where convenient access to a product, item, or service is needed, or something needs to be mailed, shipped, delivered or transported to a group or individual we shall create a convenience hub like a shipping mail carrier, a grocery, or hardware store, a warehouse, or a market fair. People who work at these locations are providing a service of convenience & items will not be passed around through many hands to increase in value as they do unnecessarily, & they won't be purposely made rare to force their value up. This is unethical & will not be permitted. Efficiency in this sector of distribution, required limited competition & no middle men/women who are unnecessary will be allowed. We want to avoid the downfalls of extreme socialism, communism & capitalism. The Grove will prefer a focus on establishing robust local economies & shopping within your physical local’s community & then your belief sphere before supporting vendors in distant locations. Shipping supplies vast distances, when a local distributor & trader can support the need adequately is wasteful & harmful to us as a community. Supporting small business in most transactions will keep energy circulating properly instead of being hoarded & stored by larger business entities. The grove does recognize that small business can’t fit every need in the bigger picture & therefore some larger trade companies may be beneficial, but only if their power is kept closely in check & they are strictly forbidden from channels of competition with small business. These larger companies will be established from high virtue established Businesses of renown in the community that will ethically establish the trade routes of an interconnected network between the spheres for larger trades of item that are unable to be created sufficiently within a sphere. No items will enter the spheres that can be made to a certain quality by members currently residing there. This will keep spheres from competing & unbalancing due to resource depletion or unhealthy influx. If an individual likes something that is made in another sphere better, they can petition/request to move there. Members can raise a complaint about the quality of any craft currently available within their sphere as being inadequate compared to other spheres & the grove will endeavor to remedy this lack. The Grove’s ability to work on the people’s behalf is relative to the energy the members donate into it. Support the grove & we can support you.


* Unnecessary middle men, barriers, parasitic, or scavenging behavior is not permitted. If a direct link between the buyer & seller can be facilitated harmoniously without an adviser, or aid this is preferable. Services that create barriers & delay in energy exchange will be closely monitored. Any mafia like opportunist behavior will be snuffed out immediately. You may aid someone in facilitating energy transactions, but your fee for your service must be an authentic representation of an actual needed physical world thing you did. Exceptions may be made for things like software, apps, programs etc. That someone uses to make life easier. If these services are found to be a drain on our abundance in the community, or if they are found to create barriers to the attainment of needed resources & services, they will be evaluated & pruned. Marketing will not contain subliminal messaging, be misleading, or seek to do more than simply convey openly & honestly what a vendor is selling in an artistic way. Marketing in public spaces will be minimal, aesthetically pleasing to the surrounding environment & will not seek to overtly grab attention or take away from the natural beauty of a space. Marketing on packaging will be kept to a minimum. Traders will not seek to out compete other vendors with marketing campaigns, but will instead focus their attention on he quality of their product & services. Word of mouth between happy satisfied customers travels faster than any add campaign. The grove will endeavor to represent each vendor on a platform equally to local perspective clients & keep unnecessary excess businesses competition to a minimum healthy level so there is no need to feel threatened beyond a healthy drive to do better at what you provide. So long as your reviews with clients remain at an average or better level your business should be celebrated & supported within the grove. Jobs that create high competition environments in the outside world & focus on quantity rather than quality of sales, or that focus on making a sale at all cost will be reimagined within the grove. Jobs that contain any elements of dishonesty to achieve a transaction, that exist as a barrier to perpetuate the need for the roll they play will be eliminated. Instead The Grove will strive to offer free online forms, contracts, documents, databases & resources that will facilitate transactions between the seller & the buyer easily without the need for all the red tape & many manipulative hands of bureaucracy & corporations.


* Traders will adhere to the fundamental ideals of The Grove, the rules & laws of their belief constructs & their country of residence & the prevailing version of these trade rules that have been approved by popular vote at the date of listing. As rules change they agree to update their listings within 1 week to conform to current regulations. If major adjustments are required to trade practices guidelines & timelines will be issued to the trader by The Grove, the traders Sphere, &/or their Guild. They will comply with these changes, if not complying could cause harm, or they will be subject to disciplinary action. They can protest changes via the normal channels of complaint within the system. If a change would constitute harm to their basic rights they may continue their trade in their current manner, so long as they can prove how it would constitute more of a threat to their own wellbeing than their continued practice does to others, or the whole community. They may also claim assistance from The grove as a minority whose rights are being infringed on by the majority.


* The energy represented in the community exchange is not a gauge of wealth, influence, leverage, or power held over your fellow members. If you are found to be trying to use it as such it will quickly be reabsorbed by the grove to neutralize your influence if you are found to be behaving in an evil or primal way. If you are a good person, your accrued energy is merely seen as a symbol of your virtue & care for others & your community will reciprocate & support you in your times of need. There is no need to over work your self. Simply contribute to the betterment of yourself & your community. Let members know if you have an emergency need for Life Resources. If you pass away your excess energy will be fairly redistributed to the community as the inner circle & leaders of your community see fit giving precedence to any non overpopulated members in good standing from your own family. Your personal possessions, home & property will be likewise reabsorbed for the wellbeing of the community to neutralize any energy debit & to benefit good people in the grove. Great care will be taken to leave family homes & items of sentimental value in the care of & for the benefit of heirs, unless they are well off & known to be hoarders of wealth. A will may be written for your wishes on how you would like your personal items distributed to the family, friend & community connections of your choice, or even the groups & causes you would like to support. So long as this will is noble & will not cause imbalance or harm, it will be respected.


* In regards to items that depreciate or loose value, spoil, or require extra maintenance over time. A date & time stamp system will be used to monitor upcoming expiration of an item. Transporting this item quickly to a distribution hub is crucial to receive energy for your goods. The less barriers to the person trading & the client in need & the faster & more efficient the delivery the better. Items nearing expiration will be considered to have crossed a threshold of tradability at some point & will be eligible for gifts & charity, or go back to the earth as unneeded excess. We will endeavor to keep harmful excess to a minimum. Members will not take advantage of expiration windows that do not need aid from the community. Items that accrue too much cost to maintain relative to energetic value may need to return to the Earth, be recycled, repurposed, gifted, etc. In contrast other items may become rarer, or more desirable with age. We will need a solid appreciation or increase in value chart for these items with a caped limit of increase so its not based on passing the item around, but in the historic, or aged significance of the item. Rarity & Aging must be a natural occurring valuation process & not purposely created by the trader. This is not a nickel & dimming system so realize that there will always be some transactions that have a little waste, or loss & others that bring in more energy than expected. If you learn from these waste & excess events & take more of a passive emotional stance to them focusing more on just helping & being helped by others then these fluctuations in energy exchange will sort out in the wash. It is tension, stress & over analysis that leads to greediness & hoarding. It is Ignorance, laziness, lack of awareness, selfishness & apathy that leads to wastefulness & missed opportunities. The Grove’s Trade lists will try to account for recommended, or required pricing on items at different appreciated & depreciated values, portions, quantities & qualities so that less energy is lost or misappropriated.


* Items that are created from the combination of other items and an element of time & labor shall be priced according to an overall combined estimate of what went into the creation of the work. The time & labor rate shall be based on the training & skill level of the crafter, or artisan. A trader, crafter, teacher, etc. that is a part of an established guild agrees that they will not charge above the agreed upon rates of their skill, wisdom & experience level. A trader that is not part of & does not follow the principles of a guild must state this openly to customers. In this way energy expended to learn & practice a craft well will be rewarded. But, our system will also leave room for new Guild Paths & Schools of Thought to form. The materials used will be based on quality level, rarity, & quantity. Delivery, convenience & other service fees to the crafter may be recouped, when trading their finished product. Until The Grove is self sufficient, fees for shipping, etc. may be collected by traders in the currency of the outside world.


Skill Trade Craft Age, or time learning Wisdom Level:

Ancient – (91 + years, or equivalent skill level.)

Elder – (51 to 90 years, or equivalent skill level.)

Master – (36 to 50 years, or equivalent skill level.)

Adept – (31 to 35 years, or equivalent skill level.)

Expert – (26 to 30 years or equivalent skill level.)

Journeyman/woman – (22 to 25 years, or equivalent skill level.)

(Teachers above this level)

Assistant – (18 to 21 years, or equivalent skill level.)

Apprentice – (14 to 17 years, or equivalent skill level.)

Student – (11 to 13 years, or equivalent skill level.)

Novice – (6 years to 10 years, or equivalent skill level.)

Paduan/Youngling - (0 to 5 years, or equivalent skill level.)

* Names of levels might be different for different paths i.e. seed, sprout, sapling … for druid & page, squire, herald … for a knight, etc.


The skill levels assume someone was born into the guild & supported in their interests from childhood to begin learning appropriately safe crafts at a young age along with other wisdom. If an individual initiates from the outside world, they would need to apply for membership with a guild, or prove by lone trial in the community in the case of a new path that they are of a certain knowledge & skill level. An adult initiate of the grove may still test in as a Youngling, even if their age would otherwise see them as an Elder. Therefore, difference must be shown to members with higher wisdom & skill level in a given field, but respect will be shown to all members no matter their age. Another consideration would be for savants & people with natural talent, or superior virtue & wisdom being able to equal or surpass those with experience gained from age, life & world experience. The Inner Circle of The Grove may create or dissolve guilds at their discretion & bestow Titles of Skill & Wisdom Level, or require a Guild make adjustments to an individuals ranking. The people may also affect the guilds by popular vote. People may have different skill & wisdom levels in many different areas that are not their current chosen career.



* Dark Marks & Virtue Merits will have an effect on energy levels. In an effort to encourage virtue & discourage evil, or primal behavior energy credit levels may be expanded, or limited, & energy access will be credited, or debited in the event that an individual takes a significant action one direction or the other. Energy will not be fined like in the modern legal system as we prefer education, reparation & adjusting, or limiting access & making a system where the repercussions better fit the crime. However, energy will be limited to keep bad people from influencing society negatively & energy may be fined to transfer to another party to help with balancing an applicable wrong. Virtuous actions nominated by others, or the inner circle may earn additional energy in thanks from The Grove. Energy credit limits may be increased for members who regularly help the community & embody our ideals. Members can file complaints & challenge credits, or debits to their account with the administration. Any credit or debit made in this way will be justified by the ideals, rules, laws, regulations, or ordinances the member has agreed to based on their membership within the grove, their sphere of residence, or membership & their guild, group, contractual agreements & verbal agreements, etc. Reasons behind & details regarding these credits & debits will be documented for future reference. Challenges to these actions will be noted & legal results will be added to the record. The Grove will strive to offer a fair legal system for addressing wrongs, harm & energy imbalance throughout our community.


* The Grove credits, debits, hiring & infrastructure effects on energy. The inner circle is a circle of metaphorical & actual trees. The MMTG CES is like arbor vita, Yggdrasil, or the tree of life. The proverbial money tree & an actual source of life giving energy. The grove can self generate energy as needed so long as the exchange of this energy won't cause members to use up vital community resources, or over tax our environment, or members. Energy is meant to be available to move & flow freely between members & should only be stored in reasonable amounts of excess. Energy is the osmotic representation of how the interconnected life of our economic community breathes & lives. Energy should never be lacking to a point that it hinders this exchange of resources between our people. Hoarding energy can cause the veins of the financial system to dry up behind dams & barricades of corrupt greedy & power hungry hoarding individuals, or groups, if members hoard too much of this life sustaining resource. The grove will strive to maintain a community of individuals that understand this principle, who don’t practice primal or evil behavior with their energy, who maintain only a reasonable amount of reserve, who don’t imbalance, or overtax the flow of the channels, who generously support each other, so there is less need for major wealth building & who are not harmful, or wasteful with their energy practices. The grove will accept donations & gifts of energy, services & products, or supplies from members to be used for the wellbeing of the whole community. It will periodically generate energy to facilitate credits & debits where energy is needed to maintain balance & harmony with mediated & healthy growth within our financial ecosystem. It will restrict members who abuse the economy. It will hire certain individuals & groups to provide needed services to the community as defined in our fundamentals, laws & rules. It may credit itself to carry out these tasks, so long as it doesn't unbalance the financial ecosystem, or take power away from the virtuous good people.



These general trading rules were initially established on February 24th, 2021. Any changes to these rules will be made at the discretion of the Inner Circle of The Grove with consideration for the will of the people. By trading in the MMTG CES Community Exchange System, or trading on the premises of The Grove you are agreeing to abide by the terms of this document, the current Trading Lists, Fundamental Ideals, Laws, Rules, Regulations, Guidelines, & principles of The Grove, your belief construct sphere, or melting pot neutral zone in which the transaction took place, you Guild, & any contractual, agreements you have made. Your word is your bond of honor. If you give someone your word, honor it!


* Licenses & regulations must be regularly scrutinized & kept to a minimum for the sake of respecting individuals Right to Free Will, but some industries will require limiting factors to individuals free will for the safety & protections of other individual’s Right to Life & freedom from harm. For instance required training for safe & ethical practices, but energy expenses for said training should not be an obstacle. Training, when an industry has room to support new craftspeople should be easily accessible, affordable & a clear easy access path to any license, certification, or regulatory compliance the community feels is necessary to keep people safe. If a person does not meet these standards an alternate way of doing business should be to have a clear statement of what you're doing, or selling, what you take responsibility for, what the client, customer takes responsibility for, what ingredients or practices may be out of compliance & why. Stating that you are not certified, licensed, or compliant to a guild’s industry standard, so you are not liable if the customer still wants to trade for your services, or products. One way is not the only way & industry & guild standards can get too strict to the point where reactivity & client stupidity drives regulation rather than intelligent safe practices that are commonly agreed on by peers & educated clientele. While we do believe items like food need to be handled in a sterile manner to not spread disease, or give people food poisoning, we also believe regulations shouldn't be so stringent that it precludes a person cooking food at home properly to trade with a community member. Regulation should not be reactive to every grey area incident of poor communication & poor judgment on either the seller, or buyer’s part. Rules & Guidelines should be proactive & well thought out. Licenses, education, training or other forms of certifications should never require energy that is above what the poorest of us in good virtue standing can afford. Access to these resources should be easy to find & attend close to the person’s home, or online. We should not have big regulating agencies that obtain too much power with little care to how oppressive excessive rules are. It shall be the regulating guild counsel's responsibility to go to places of business on their own dime & provide items, training, etc. that are intended to help business owners raise their quality of service. Only in rare instances should policing agencies suspend, penalize, or shut down an operation & only if excessive harm has been caused, with no attempt to make it right, or there is a serious threat of harm, if the operation continues as it is. We recognize that some things are new & unique & can't be defined or categorized, &/or don't pose any significant risk of harm & so therefore aren't regulated, or don't require licensing, or certification. There should be a spectrum of defined titles that encompass the non licensed to the licensed & clients should be educated on the pros & cons to engaging with either. In many situations one should not be immediately considered better than the other. Some individuals will feel like their freedoms are being oppressed by not being able to do their own thing, start something in a new way & will not want to be a part of a guild, hold a license, or certification, because these requirements may require conforming behavior that is overly restrictive on their being. If this is the case & they are not causing harm, or likely to cause harm with their differing methods as free souls that prefer less restrictions we should endeavor to allow this freedom as much as we are able. But their products & services should be disclaimed to the people who they are trading with as not conforming to guild, or trade guidelines, common practice, or licensing/certification. Then the consumer, client, or customer can make their own informed choices on where & with whom they trade. It will then be the customer’s own fault, will full ignorance, stupidity & liability, if they come to harm trading with less structured trades people. Trades facilitated through close connections that do not take advantage of or unbalance the economy & are not hiding evil or primal behavior do not need to be documented within the CES, unless they are of a large energetic nature that can effect the community.


* Interested, intrigued, or friends of the grove may interact with the CES so long as they give more than they take from the grove, they are not trying to take advantage of our community, they are intending to initiate into the grove. They should understand that money can be donated to the grove for improvements to our community & may translate as an exchange for energy credit, but that once charged up, energy does not leave the grove as money. We will only trade with the outside world for things the grove truly needs & only with excess abundance in and above what our members need. Preference will be given to members in all trade transactions that don't directly involve the inner circle or leadership acting on behalf of the community with the wider world. Non member traders should be aware that if your connection to the grove is felt to be unhealthy your trade account may be suspended or removed at any time & any energy credit will be reallocated within the community as the inner circle sees fit. We advise that prior to being initiated as a member you keep your energy exchanges fairly small & neutral so that this doesn't cause a financial burden, or feelings of unfairness in the outside world. This ground rule is not meant to take advantage of people testing the waters of the MMTG CES, but is meant to keep the grove safe & free of influence, manipulation & unhealthy cords from other monetary systems. We will not be corrupted by people with money seeking to influence the decisions of the grove. While we appreciate any donations towards our cause & purpose, donating to the grove does not imply any obligation of required reciprocation with anyone who is not a member.


* Items sold for retail may not be marked up by more than double what the convenience vendor purchased them for & any shipping, or other related fees that will be recouped. Items sold retail must attempt to sell directly to the customer from the place of origin at the recommended or required Trade List rate. Items distributed for convenience must not pass between more than 2 sales locations & the total mark up on the final location price to customer will never exceed a doubled price on the Trade List Item. Any variations to this rule will be voted on by members of the Spheres. Spheres who vote to change this rule may not trade outside their community with other spheres. Guilds will monitor & maintain quality of goods & services & may be the first warehouse, or distribution hub for trade items. Storage locations & distribution hubs may be maintained by the grove & private groups & charge reasonable fees for transport, but there will not be an excessive amount of unneeded storage, or distribution. Trade List Prices may be challenged by vendors & distributors if the cost of producing the good, or overhead for doing business increases. However, the grove may respond with requirements for the vendor, distributor, convenience store, shipper, etc. to become less wasteful, or more efficient in their function.


* Items will be priced based on the energy (materials, labor, time, care, etc.) that goes into their creation, rarity, demand, life supportive attributes, frivolity, uniqueness, quality, quantity, polluting potential, over abundance, skill level needed to make, etc. These factors may change during periods of societal strife, technological advancement, environmental fluctuations, popular opinion trends, etc. It will be expected that small changes can be made to balance the expected trade rates for these periods, but we should be cautious that this doesn't cause loopholes for profit wealth building & imbalance in the system. Immediate action should be taken if items hit levels of concern outlined in the trading key. Emergency imbalances should be addressed by financial moderators. Less serious imbalances can be discussed & voted on with education in the community. Please bring issues regarding resource levels, harmful, or environmentally damaging practices to The Grove’s attention immediately so we can quickly address concerns, imbalances, & heal wounds in the system. Members will be expected to care about their effect on the environment, wild populations, & other members of the community. Please adjust your practices quickly to come into harmony with our higher vibe trading practices & inform us of any challenges you are facing in doing so. We will issue temporary, or permanent waivers & permissions to businesses who’s lives are threatened by policy changes within the trading system & support your ability to adopt new practices, when you are having trouble making changes on your own. The Grove will strive to fund research & actualization of industry changing technology, science, innovation, training, art, architecture, materials, etc. that bring our businesses into a more evolved functional state in harmony with nature & the whole organism of our community. Be the change you want in the world. Transitional periods & pushing through the membranes into a new way of being can be messy & require extra energy. Be willing to let go of older patterns & release what no longer serves us for us to become something better.





© Stephanie Cimmarusti 2/24/2021


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