Bracknell LETS
Terms & Conditions of Use

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I agree to my details being held on-line at the Bracknell LETS Community Exchange System (CES) and on computer for the sole purpose of sharing them with other Bracknell LETS Members for the purposes of trade and exchange.


I understand I am entitled to use CES where I can view my own and other Members’ details and accounts. If I am unable to use CES then I will be given help to access/provided with the same details as if I were able to use it.


I will pay my subscriptions promptly in April each year, accept the amount agreed by the Members and understand that I may be suspended if I have not paid by the end of April and terminated from Membership if I continue to fail to pay.


I agree to pay an administration fee in Bricks towards the cost of the post holders' maximum annual fee of B500 each. This is currently in the form of a quarterly fee and a % levy to each party on trades.

The makeup of the administration fee may vary to ensure the post holders' fees are covered by the Membership; eg a lower quarterly fee with a higher % levy or vice versa. The more Members and the more trading, the lower the fee to each Member.

Members will be notified of any changes before they take place. .


If expenses are to be incurred on a job, I will agree the basis for pricing with my trading partner(s) before the work is carried out.


I agree that I will use the CES to keep my details, offerings and wants up-to-date and that Bracknell LETS cannot be held responsible for the goods or services offered. A newsletter will be published several times a year.


I agree to trade in a fair, honest, responsible and reliable manner.


I agree not to refuse any reasonable request for help if my account goes beyond the debit limit indicated on CES.


I understand that 20 Bracknell Bricks is valued at one hour’s work and has no sterling equivalent.


I agree to try and attend at least 3 meetings per year and to participate in decision making.


I agree that when sending emails to other Members I will use the letters LETS in the subject matter box to facilitate good email management.


I understand that the Arbitration Group may act on behalf of Bracknell LETS in helping Members seek resolution to trading disagreements, that they can seek explanation from a person whose actions are considered to be contrary to the interests of the Membership and accept that they have the right to deny Membership to an applicant in exceptional circumstances at their discretion.

By joining Bracknell LETS, you are agreeing to abide by these Terms and Conditions.


Please note that two members of the same family at the same address may join as a Shared member (children do not need to register) so please select either Individual or Shared under the "Registering as" option when you register.

Shared members pay a joint annual fee of £6 (Individuals pay £3) but are treated together for all listings of Wants and Offers.

If you change your mind, we can always amend your choice later.