CES Exchanges: United States

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# Code Exchange Name Place Province/State Type Description
1 HCRE Happy Camp Republic Exchange Map State of Jefferson Mutual Credit  
2 IECE Infinite Resources Exchange Map Louisiana Mutual Credit  
3 NEKZ Nekopenmarket Map Vermont Mutual Credit nekopenmarket.org
4 CREX The Commonwealth Reserve Exchange Map Kansas Mutual Credit  
5 TBBB Tampa Bay’s Broker Bucks | Commerce Exchange Network (Metro) Tampa - St. Petersburg - Clearwater Florida Mutual Credit  
6 ALTB Alamogordo TimeBank Alamogordo New Mexico Timebank www.facebook.com/groups/timebank88310/
7 LIPA Living in Place Albany New York Mutual Credit  
8 PCHX The PEACHAIN Smart Communities Exchange System Network Albany Georgia Mutual Credit peachain.net
9 IIII Currency Exchange Enterprise Trust Almagrib North Amexem Mutual Credit  
10 HAMP Hampshire College Community Exchange Amherst, Massachussets Massachussets Mutual Credit  
11 AKEN Alaska Exchange Network Anchorage Alaska Mutual Credit This network is an affinity group for people who wish to trade goods and services among themselves wherever they are in the world.
12 AAMI Ann Arbor Small Business & Community Exchange Ann Arbor Michigan Mutual Credit Ann Arbor LETS is the CES exchange in Ann Arbor, Michigan
13 DFWE Dallas Fort Worth Area of Exchanges Arlington Texas Mutual Credit  
14 ATHS Athens County Transition Athens County Ohio Mutual Credit  
15 ARTS Art Emporium by Gilbert Young Atlanta Georgia Mutual Credit www.gilbertyoungart.com/
16 BNBX Black Nation Builders Community Exchange ATLANTA Georgia Mutual Credit  
17 ICFE Idol Community Finance and Exchange Atlanta Georgia Mutual Credit  
18 MACC Metro-Atlanta Community Currency Initiative Atlanta Georgia Timebank www.musazwana.com
19 TSCU The Southern Currency Union and Nibiru Freedom Bank Atlanta Georgia Mutual Credit www.community-exchange.org/home/
20 ACCE Aurora Exchange Aurora Colorado Mutual Credit  
21 OOPS Grocery Athlete EveryWhere Austin Texas Mutual Credit  
22 DMVE DMV Community Exchange Baltimore Maryland Mutual Credit  
23 RIES Red Intercambio Economico Sefarad Baltimore Maryland Mutual Credit  
24 RESS Red Intercambio Economico Sefarad Baltimore Maryland Mutual Credit  
25 THCE Texas Hill Country Exchange Bandera Texas Mutual Credit  
26 VSCF First Louisiana Community Exchange Network Baton Rouge Louisiana Mutual Credit To create accountable relationships With Support service that will provide versatility in how we evolve. Helping to materialize Balance within our communities with exchangeable options
27 BCTB Bay City Time Bank Bay City, MI Michigan Timebank  
28 WCCE Waldo County Community Exchange Belfast Maine Timebank www.waldoexchange.org
29 WTBC Working Together Project Berks County PA Berks County Pennsylvania Mutual Credit The Working Together Project Berks County is designed to support local community collaboration. Every offering is based on time spent. There is not one offering that rates higher than another - every offering is equal to trade for time. Let's build a community and cooperation in Berks! In order to request time you must offer time for the greater good of the Berks County Community!
30 BTCE Bloomington Community Exchange Bloomington Indiana Timebank  
31 EPDX Community Xchange Network of Cascadia Boise, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, B.C. Oregon Mutual Credit Community Exchange Network of Cascadia is a service provided by Cascadia Commons to its members. Exchange applicants are encouraged to join the membership and volunteer for Cascadia Commons.
32 BFBN Bonners Ferry Barter Network Bonners Ferry Idaho Mutual Credit  
33 WCNC Watauga County Community Exchange Boone North Carolina Mutual Credit  
34 WNNE Watauga Neighbors' Network Exchange Boone North Carolina Mutual Credit  
35 BOST Barter Of Services Trade Organization Network Boston Massachusetts Timebank  
36 STSB Shoulder2Shoulder Boulder Boulder Colorado Mutual Credit  
37 BKYE Boyd County KY Community Exchange Boyd County Kentucky Mutual Credit  
38 NRUS Brooklyn Royalty Brooklyn New york Mutual Credit  
39 FMAC FMAC Brooklyn New York Timebank  
40 OLOX The Operating System & Liminal Lab Open Commons Exchange Brooklyn New York Mutual Credit theoperatingsystem.org
41 TRCO Trade! 36 Corridor Broomfield Colorado Mutual Credit  
42 TUSX Transition US Exchange Burke Virginia Mutual Credit  
43 TCCC The Cadillac Commons Credit Cadillac Michigan Mutual Credit  
44 ICNE ICareNOW Exchange California California Mutual Credit  
45 GCEG Genealogy Community Exchange Group Camarillo California Mutual Credit Genealogy Research Lookup Exchange
46 CBTT The Community Builder Time Trade Canyon County, idaho Idaho Timebank www.thecommunitybuilder.org
47 BMDC Barter Max Opportunity Network Central Florida - Orlando Florida Mutual Credit  
48 MXCA Magnet Exchange Currency Arizona Chandler Arizona Mutual Credit anonrenaissance.info
49 CHLT Charlotte Community Exchange Charlotte North Carolina Mutual Credit charlottedreamsoutloud.com/
50 BNWB Brave New World Bank Chicago Illinois Mutual Credit  
51 LETS Chicagoland Local Exchange Trading System Chicago Illinois Mutual Credit Community money backed by goods, services, community credit, and trust.
52 GDEX Geopay.me Community Exchange (USA) Clearwater Florida Mutual Credit geopay.me
53 TDFE The Dirty Farmer Exchange Clinton Arkansas Mutual Credit thedirtyfarmerscommunitymarket.org
54 MEAN Maine Coastal Means of Exchange Coastal Maine Maine Mutual Credit  
55 COEX Central Ohio Exchange Circle Columbus Ohio Mutual Credit columbux.org
56 FSCE Friendly Service Club Columbus Ohio Mutual Credit friendlyserviceclub.com
57 EWCE Eastern Washington Community Exchange Colville Washington Mutual Credit Eastern Washington Community Exchange is a means of helping the local communities east of the Cascades. People in Western Idaho and North Eastern Oregon are welcome to participate to.
58 CAEN Central Arkansas Exchange Network Conway Arkansas Timebank  
59 CCTE Corpus Christi Exchange Corpus Christi Texas Mutual Credit  
60 SCDE Sevier/Cocke County Digital Exchange Cosby Tennessee Mutual Credit A Digital Community Exchange System for Cocke and Sevier Counties in Tennessee.
61 CATC Catch~22 Community Exchange Coventry Rhode Island Mutual Credit  
62 ECCE EC Childcare Exchange Crozet Virginia Timebank  
63 BWDV Better World Dallas Value Creation Dallas Texas Mutual Credit  
64 SDEX Seed Exchange Dallas Texas Mutual Credit  
65 GDCE Greater Dayton Community Exchange Dayton Ohio Mutual Credit  
66 MVME Miami Valley Maker Exchange Dayton Ohio Mutual Credit mvmeadmin
67 DCEX Denver Community Exchange Denver Colorado Mutual Credit  
68 HLET HLE Student Time Exchange Detroit Michigan Timebank  
69 OACX One Art Community Exchange Drexel Hill Pennsylvania Timebank  
70 CSSE Connecticut Sound Shares Exchange East Haddam Connecticut Mutual Credit  
71 SMDE Smoky Mountain Digital Exchange Eastern Tennessee Tennessee Mutual Credit A digital barter exchange for the people of the Smoky Mountains Region.
72 FMCE Fund Management Community Exchange Edmonds Washington Timebank  
73 CCEX Cedar-County Community Exchange El Dorado Springs Missouri Mutual Credit  
74 ENCB Encinitas Barter & Exchange Encinitas California Mutual Credit  
75 GMCX GOLDMind Community Exchange Enola Pennsylvania Mutual Credit  
76 FNPE First Non-Profit Time Bank of Eugene Eugene Oregon Timebank  
77 OZHA Eureka Stress Busters Eureka Springs Select a State:Arkansas Mutual Credit Ozark Herbal Academy provides this exchange to support residents of Eureka Springs and nearby areas in meeting their needs as part of its Stress-Busters project.
78 FARM Ozark Farmer's Network Eureka Springs Arkansas Mutual Credit  
79 AEON Fairport Infinity Exchange Fairport New York Mutual Credit  
80 LOVX Laughing Oak Village Community Exchange Fallbrook California Mutual Credit www.laughingoakvillage.com
81 STTB Single Together, Cooperative and Community Time Bank Farmville Virginia Timebank  
82 FFOH Fern Forest Ohana Fern Forest Hawaii Mutual Credit  
83 SACE South Alabama Community Exchange Foley Alabama Timebank  
84 NCMT Northern Colorado Mutual Aid and trading society Fort Collins Colorado Mutual Credit  
85 FBIO Organic Food/Service Co-op Frankenmuth Frankenmuth, MI Mutual Credit  
86 FCCE Frederick Community College Exchange Frederick Maryland Timebank  
87 FCCC Fremont CA Chinese Community Fremont California Timebank  
88 WCGB WatChuGot Community Barter Xchange Galesburg Illinois Mutual Credit  
89 HIVE The Hive Garberville, Redway California Mutual Credit  
90 MMTG The Grove of Mystic Moon Tree Georgetown California Mutual Credit A private exchange for the members of The Grove.
91 NMNI Noocratic Open Market Nibiru Index Global Village Holy See Global District Mutual Credit The World Open market Exchange system of N.O.M.N.I. for all Noocratic societies, empires, kingdoms, nations, and communities.
92 GRMI Global Interest Body - Grand Rapids Grand Rapids Michigan Mutual Credit www.gibody.com
93 BCBN Berkshire Community Barter Network Great Barrington Massachusetts Mutual Credit  
94 CIRB Central Indiana Exchange Circle Greater Indianapolis Area Indiana Mutual Credit  
95 GVEX Green Valley Ranch Green Valley Ranch Colorado Mutual Credit  
96 MIST Central Indiana Community Exchange Greenfield Indiana Mutual Credit  
97 TCHI TimeCHI Greenville Rhode Island Mutual Credit timechi.com
98 WASH Hub City Exchange Hagerstown Washington County, Maryland Mutual Credit The Hub City Exchange provides a useful and sustainable local currency system for the community of Hagerstown, Maryland.
99 SCEC Searcy County Community Exchange Harriet Arkansas Mutual Credit Searcy County Community Exchange ( SCEC ) offers a way for all people within Searcy County Arkansas to exchange their goods and services without the need for conventional $USDs. This can help many people within our local communities who may find themselves short of regular cash to be able to interact in routine business functions whom would otherwise be unable to do so. In our present environment of scarce cash and large business dominance, we feel the remedy lies within our local communities and the ability of the individual to increase their purchasing power. This is what the SCEC provides. We encourage all people within Searcy County to begin to utilize the self-empowering tools offered herein. Our first efforts at promotion of the SCEC will begin with local farmers at the Searcy County Farmers Market. Please become proactive with us to help ease the stress of our neighbors here and build positive relations in the process. Thank you, SCEC Administration
100 KICS Kids In Community Service Hawaii Hawaii Mutual Credit  
101 TBOH Time Bank of Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii Timebank A great place to get what you need while giving what other's need in the islands of Hawaii, and beyond.
102 GRBE Global Resource Bank Hollywood Florida Mutual Credit www.grb.net
103 FOOD Agriculture Open Market Index Holy See Global Village Mutual Credit  
104 HEMP Hemp Open Market Index Holy See Global Village Mutual Credit  
105 HOME Housing Open Market Index Holy See Global Village Mutual Credit  
106 BOND Noocratic Bond Open Market Exchange Holy See Global Village Mutual Credit Noocratic Bond Open Market Exchange
107 STOK Noocratic OTC Open Market Exchange Holy See Global Village Global Village Mutual Credit  
108 DGDS Dukedom Grand Dollar Houston Texas Mutual Credit  
109 HMCE Hudson MA Community Exhange Hudson Massachusetts Timebank  
110 HVCC Humboldt Village Exchange Humboldt California Mutual Credit humbucks.org
111 OSTB Op Shop Time Bank Hyde Park, Chicago Illinois Timebank  
112 GVCE George VanSickles Community Exchange Indianapolis Indiana Mutual Credit  
113 IFBT Indianapolis Family (and Friends) Barter and Trade Indianapolis Indiana Mutual Credit A place to trade care, items and services outside of the regular money system.
114 JPEG Jackson Professional Exchange Group Jackson Michigan Mutual Credit  
115 KSHF Kansans For Health Freedom Johnson County Kansas Mutual Credit  
116 DELE Desert Empire Local Exchange Trading System Joshua Tree California Mutual Credit  
117 KCCX Kansas City Community Exchange Kansas City Missouri Mutual Credit  
118 SEKC Southeast Kansas City Exchange Kansas City Missouri Mutual Credit  
119 KCES Kauai Community Exchange System Kapaa Hawaii Mutual Credit  
120 MNCE Montco New Community Exchange King of Prussia Montgomery County, Pennsylvania Mutual Credit  
121 LWCE Laguna Woods Community Exchange Laguna Woods, Orange County California Mutual Credit Community Exchange for the Residents of the gated Senior Community Laguna Woods Village. An alternate transaction platform of doing business.
122 LVNV Las Vegas NV Las Vegas Nevada Mutual Credit  
123 BCLX Baldwin/Lawrence Community Exchange Lawrence Kansas Mutual Credit this is the Community Exchange system for Lawrence, KS and Baldwin City, KS area
124 LOCE Lebanon Ohio City Exchange Lebanon Warren Co, Lebanon, Ohio Mutual Credit  
125 MTCE MountaIn Town Community Exchange Londonderry Vermont Mutual Credit  
126 CCEL Longmont Community Exchange Longmont Colorado Mutual Credit  
127 FBTB Film Bank Los angeles California Timebank www.filmbanking.net
128 UNIT UNet Information Trading Accounting System Los Angeles California Mutual Credit  
129 TMCE The Manzana Community Exchange Los Lunas New Mexico Mutual Credit  
130 NHCO Nighthawk Exchange in Louisville Colorado USA Louisville, CO Colorado Mutual Credit www.community-exchange.org
131 LOLN Loveland Love Notes Loveland Colorado Mutual Credit  
132 GLBE Greater Lowell Belvidere Exchange Lowell Massachusetts Timebank  
133 MGMD Macon Georgia Macon Credit Macon Georgia Mutual Credit  
134 MATB MaconAgora Macon Georgia Timebank  
135 MGAE Middle Georgia Agora Macon Georgia Mutual Credit  
136 SHES Star Hours Exchange System Macon Georgia Timebank  
137 BITS Barter Income Technology System Madison Mississippi Mutual Credit  
138 SMEX StartupMoola Community Exchange Malibu California Mutual Credit StartupMoola.com
139 OHLE South Jersey Holistic Exchange Mantua South Jersey Timebank This exchange has been created for multiple purposes. 1. The primary reason is to encourage a community of one-ness among those who seek to facilitate the greatest and highest good for all. 2. To encourage and facilitate sharing of gifts among practitioners and teachers 3. To promote the new paradigm of living outside the system, which entails finding value in time and gifts, rather than money 4. To offer alternative healing and holistic options to those who are unsure, or just beginning to seek a new way, but especially those who truly need the help and either don't know where to find it, or sincerely cannot afford it. As healers and light-workers, we are called to seek the highest and greatest good above and beyond the monetary value of our gifts. In using this system, all are empowered to both give and receive. Namaste
140 GICC Global Investment Club Community Exchange, LLC Maryland Heights Missouri Mutual Credit  
141 RAIN Cloud Community Exchange Menlo Park California Mutual Credit www.mid-pen.com/midpeninsulahs/site/default.asp
142 MFCE Miami Community Exchange Miami Florida Mutual Credit  
143 NHEB New Heliopian Exchange Miami Florida Mutual Credit heliosrebirth.com
144 PCAF People Credit and Finance Miami Florida Mutual Credit  
145 BTTC Befriender Tender Twin Cities Minneapolis Minnesota Mutual Credit befriendertender.org
146 NWCE New World Community Exchange Mission Viejo California Mutual Credit newworldcommunityexchange.blogspot.com/
147 SRCE Stanislaus River Community Exchange Modesto California Mutual Credit  
148 LTCC TE LTC Commission Morrilton Arkansas Timebank This is an exchange system for the Terran Empire. http://www.terran-empire.us
149 FHCE Foothills Community Exchange Morrison, Littleton, Lakewood, Golden, Evergreen Colorado Mutual Credit CES exchange for Morrison, Littleton, Lakewood, Golden, Evergreen
150 MSPE Mount Shasta Pet Exchange Mount Shasta California Timebank  
151 OZCE Ozarks Community Exchange Mountian Grove Missouri Mutual Credit  
152 UTCO Utah Co Op Murray Utah Mutual Credit  
153 RIRT So. RI Rainbow Trading Post Narragansett Rhode Island Mutual Credit  
154 WOME World Open Market Exchange New Castle Delaware Timebank World Treasury Window Exchange
155 NLCT FTcredits New London New London Connecticut Mutual Credit FTcredits Community Credit System
156 KRTB Kearsarge Region Time Bank New London New Hampshire Timebank  
157 NPIN Goshen, IN Exchange New Paris Indiana Mutual Credit www.ourvirtualtown.net/goshen-in
158 SCCE SpyCat Community Exchange New York New York Mutual Credit www.spycatXchange.com
159 WNGC Wunited Nations Global Corporation New York New York Mutual Credit  
160 NYEX New York Exchange New york city New York Mutual Credit  
161 PAMS Plan de Apoyo Mutuo North Miami Beach Florida Mutual Credit  
162 KISO Kind Social Oakdale California Mutual Credit  
163 ONCE Oakland Neighborhoods Community Exchange Oakland California Mutual Credit  
164 PSSE Poor Souls Society Exchange Old North St. Louis Missouri Mutual Credit poorsoulssociety.com
165 MUUU Kingdoms' of MU Exchange Peach Georgia Mutual Credit www.ops-financial.com/member
166 SOCR Southern Crescent Community Exchange Peachtree City Fayette / GA Mutual Credit  
167 CHSC Chapman House Community Center Pelzer South Carolina Timebank community.timebanks.org/jointb.php?gid=757
168 GDEB Kamali Shanti Global Digital Exchange Bank Philadelphia Pennsylvania Mutual Credit  
169 PHIL Philadelphia Barter Exchange Philadelphia Philadelphia Mutual Credit  
170 YSFE Yippee Skippy Free Exchange of Pioneer Valley Pioneer Valley Massachusetts Mutual Credit yippeeskippy.com
171 HERB Herbal Coaching Community Exchange Ponca Arkansas Mutual Credit www.herbalcoachingcommunity.com
172 PNGC Pangjia Digital Currency Portland Oregon Mutual Credit www.pangjia.org
173 POPS Pend Oreille Pledge System Priest River Idaho Mutual Credit Welcome to the Pend Oreille Pledge System. P.O.P.S. is a local exchange community built on Mutual Credit. As an alternative to federal currency P.O.P.S allows residents to exchange their services, knowledge, products or whatever else they can agree on without needing money. Taking our economy back into our own hands locally is the best way to stimulate our neighborhoods.
174 FREX Freedom Community Exchange Princess Anne, Somerset County Maryland Mutual Credit coopstoco-ops.com
175 PROV Providence Communty Exchange Providence Rhode Island Mutual Credit  
176 UCCE Utah County Community Exchange Provo Utah Mutual Credit  
177 PSCE Puget Sound Community Exchange Puget Sound Washington Mutual Credit  
178 SAGE Sacred Artisan's Gift Exchange Richland Missouri Timebank www.PrairieCreekSettlement.com
179 MCES Monroe County Exchange Rochester NY New York Mutual Credit  
180 OCEX Oasis Community Exchange Sacramento California Mutual Credit www.oasisxchg.org
181 COLE Columbia Community Exchange Saint Helens Oregon Mutual Credit  
182 SDCA San Diego Time Bankers San Diego California Timebank  
183 ECET Edmonds Community Exchange San Francisco California Mutual Credit  
184 SFSA San Francisco Sustainably Abundant Community Exchange San Francisco California Mutual Credit  
185 CALI California Bay Area San Jose California Mutual Credit  
186 SCEX Santa Cruz Exchange Santa Cruz Santa Cruz Mutual Credit  
187 TPUE The Peoples University Exchange Santa Rosa Sonoma, California Mutual Credit  
188 UNTY Unity Currency Savannah Georgia Mutual Credit www.unitycurrency.org
189 SSTE South Shore Time Exchange South Lake Tahoe California Timebank  
190 SPFD Springfield Community Exchange Springfield Missouri Mutual Credit  
191 SPTB Springfield Timebank Springfield/Nixa/Ozark Missouri Timebank  
192 SCEL Springhill Springhill Louisiana Mutual Credit  
193 LSTB Lakeshore TimeBank St. Clair Shores Michigan Timebank www.ymcadetroit.org/lakeshore
194 SWAP Saint Louis Community Exchange St. Louis Missouri Mutual Credit The purpose of the St. Louis Community Exchange create a sustainable, community-based trading culture for the Greater Saint Louis Area.
195 SEGA Southeast Georgia exchange Statesboro Bulloch Mutual Credit  
196 ILET Iredell-LETS Barter and Trade Statesville North Carolina Mutual Credit iredelllets.blogspot.com/2010/07/iredell-lets.html
197 LELX Leelanau Exchange Suttons Bay Michigan Mutual Credit  
198 OACE Oaks Area Community Exchange Tahlequah Oklahoma Mutual Credit  
199 ALTE United Inter-Tribal Exchange Bank Tallahassee Florida Mutual Credit Negro Indian Inter-Tribal Community Exchange System
200 WFLO WuFlow Taos New mexico Mutual Credit onac-wumanity.com
201 DACE Digital Arts Community Exchange The World Tennessee Mutual Credit A Community Exchange System for online Digital Artists trading services and files for projects.
202 TPCE Tinley Park Community Exchange System Tinley Park Illinois Mutual Credit "I help you, and someday, someway, you help someone else"
203 LCFH Lewis County WA Community Exchange Toledo Lewis Timebank  
204 GPEX General Post Exchange Town of the reign of the heavens The United States of America Mutual Credit generalpostexchange.com
205 CMCS Community Mutual Credit System [CMCS] Vienna South Dakota Mutual Credit Community Mutual Credit System [CMCS] is open to serve users in the United States of America so those who wish to participate have an exchange to use, even if there is not a local exchange in their neighborhood. Our value measurement is called the MC, and is roughly valued as 5 minutes of basic human labor. Since there are 12 of these 5 minute periods in 1 hour, the MC value of one hour of basic human labor is 12. The bottom line, though, is that all prices at all times are determined in the marketplace between buyer and seller. CMCS is in no way trying to usurp that marketplace power from it's users.
206 NUFI Nations United Financial Independence Virginia Beach Virginia Timebank  
207 GGNX Ghetto Government Nation Virginia Beach, VA Virginia Mutual Credit  
208 CWFC Central Wisconsin Freedom Cell Exchange Wausau Wisconsin Mutual Credit This is intended to be a way to exchange our talents with one another without needing to acquire money as a first step. Units of trade are "spells", representing an equivalent to 4 minutes of human manual labor. As there are 15 four-minute spells in one hour, 15 spells = 1 hour of manual labor. HOWEVER, all details of trades and gifts are determined by the parties interacting and are not to be dictated by the valuation of 15 spells = 1 hour.
209 WCLM West Chester/Liberty/Monroe Community Exchange West Chester Ohio Mutual Credit  
210 WVME The Mountaineer Exchange Weston West Virginia Mutual Credit  
211 HEFE Home Earners Freedom Exchange Wichita Kansas Mutual Credit kingdomprinciples.info
212 SCES Southeastern Alliance for Community Change: Community Exchange System Wilmington North Carolina Mutual Credit meetup.com/seacc-ilm
213 HBCT House of Burgess Cherokee Tribe Woodlyn Pennsylvania Mutual Credit  
214 XCPC Central Counterparty Clearance House World Temple City Amexem, Atlan (Global Village) Mutual Credit Bitcoin Intercredit System & World Central Bank Exchange