CES Exchanges: Canada

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# Code Exchange Name Place Province/State Type Description
1 ANBA Annapolis Barter Annapolis County, Nova Scotia Nova Scotia Mutual Credit Annapolis Barter has a Barter Dollar System which allows us to trade at $B1 = $1.
2 CGTS Cegep de Granby Time Share Granby Quebec Timebank gecepgranby.qc.ca
3 FCBC CES - Greater Vancouver Greater Vancouver British Columbia Mutual Credit CES-Vancouver is a mutual credit trading community. We support the autonomy, self reliance, and resilience of individuals and groups in the Greater Vancouver B.C. Region.
4 CESW Community Exchange System - Whistler Whistler British Columbia Mutual Credit Covering the Sea to Sky Corridor, anyone from Squamish to Pemberton or those with ties to this area, are invited to exchange in this group. We hope to grow to the point where businesses as well as individuals can exchange goods and services to help creat
5 COWX Cowichan Valley Community Exchange Cowichan Valley British Columbia Mutual Credit  
6 CRMX CRMesh Exchange Campbell River British Columbia Mutual Credit dafish.ca/
7 CBLD Cumby Exchange Cumberland British Columbia Mutual Credit  
8 DRCE Durham Region Community Exchange Ajax Mutual Credit  
9 ECHP Échangerie de Portneuf Région de Portneuf Québec Timebank Groupe d'échange de services basé sur le temps et la solidarité entres membres.
10 EASE Edmonton & Area Service Exchange Edmonton Alberta Mutual Credit  
11 ESCD ESC Exchange Bracebridge Ontario Timebank  
12 FBNR FreeBank Niagara Niagara Region Ontario Mutual Credit freebank.co/
13 GHTE Golden Hours Time Exchange Golden British Columbia Timebank  
14 DENG Gooy Bank Guelph Ontario Mutual Credit www.community-exchange.org
15 HFXE Halifax Community Exchange Halifax Nova Scotia Mutual Credit  
16 JFCC Jam Factory Co-working Community Nelson British Columbia Timebank  
17 LWPG Local Exchange Trading System Winnipeg Winnipeg Manitoba Mutual Credit www.community-exchange.org
18 MCEN Montreal Community Exchange Network Montreal Quebec Mutual Credit  
19 NCRC National Capital Region of Canada Ottawa Ontario Mutual Credit www.afpmv-faavm.org/
20 NBEG New Brunswick Community Exchange Saint John New Brunswick Timebank  
21 NPCE North Peace Community Exchange Network Fort St. John British Columbia Mutual Credit  
22 NLCX Northeast London Community Exchange London Ontario Mutual Credit  
23 NSTB Nova Scotia LETS Timebank Dartmouth Nova Scotia Timebank  
24 PSCC Persian sharing community Toronto Ontario Mutual Credit toronto persian dollar
25 POWX Powell River Common Exchange Powell River British Columbia Mutual Credit  
26 PECX Prince Edward County Community Exchange Picton Ontario Mutual Credit www.community-exchange.org
27 PGCE Prince George Community Exchange Prince George British Columbia Mutual Credit  
28 RACE Regina Area Community Exchange Regina Saskatchewan Mutual Credit This group was created to facilitate the local exchange of goods and services without the need for monetary transactions. It is my hope that trust and integrity will be upheld by all members, and that you will find this site useful.
29 RAGS Revelstoke Alternative Goods & Services Exchange Revelstoke, BC, Canada British Columbia Mutual Credit Revelstoke and area residents can exchange their goods and services using the "Stoke" currency. This mutual credit system allows each user to create the currency as an integral part of the trading process. The value of the "Stoke" is loosely pegged to the Canadian Dollar.
30 RYBT Rock Your Biz Trade Sandford Ontario Mutual Credit  
31 SECC SASKATOON Exchange Club Canada Bonnyville Beach Alberta Mutual Credit  
32 SSES Slim Swayze Exchange Kawartha/Durham Ontario Mutual Credit www.slimswayze.yolasite.com
33 SOCE South Okanagan Community Exchange System Oliver British Columbia Mutual Credit  
34 SCBE Sunshine Coast Barter Exchange Sunshine Coast British Columbia Mutual Credit  
35 SELG Système d'Échange Libre Gaspé Gaspé Québec Timebank  
36 TNGI Talents Numériques Gaspésie et Iles-de-la-Madeleine Gaspésie Québec Mutual Credit Groupe d'échange d'entrepreneurs et de professionnels du numérique en Gaspésie et aux Iles-de-la-Madeleine
37 THTE The Hamilton Time Exchange Hamilton Ontario Timebank  
38 RAEX The Rational Exchange Muskoka Ontario Mutual Credit a new kind of bank
39 TOCE Toronto Exchange Toronto Ontario Mutual Credit  
40 TLET Toronto LETS System Toronto Ontario Mutual Credit  
41 UNCE Unite Nelson Community Exchange Nelson British Columbia Mutual Credit www.unitenelson.org
42 LCCE UpLIFT Community Time Credit Exchange Toronto Ontario Mutual Credit 1 Hour = 1 Tiyo
43 VCES Victoria Common Exchange System Greater Victoria British Colombia Mutual Credit  
44 ZMVP ZMVP Bank Kitchener Ontario Mutual Credit