CES Exchanges: België

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# Code Exchange Name Place Province/State Type Description
1 STEX Stoerhuus Exchange Service Brugge Mutual Credit  
2 ARLA Arcoin Flanders Flanders Mutual Credit  
3 FPMJ Les Fondus du Petit Marais Jemappes Hainaut Timebank www.lesfondusdupetitmarais.sitew.be
4 SASE Service d'échange locaux Charleroi Hainaut Timebank  
5 LVAR LETS Vlaamse Ardennen Ronse Oost-Vlaanderen Timebank letsvlaamseardennen.be
6 SGRE Sint-Genesius-Rode Community Exchange Sint-Genesius-Rode Vlaams Brabant Timebank