CES Welcome Letter

Whenever an application to join a CES exchange is approved, a welcome letter is automatically generated by the software and emailed to the new user. The welcome letter contains your login details and some basic information to get you started.

Sometimes these emails never seem to arrive. Usually, the reason is that they end up in the user’s spam folder and can be found there. Sometimes, however, they disappear into the ether.

Instead of requesting a new welcome letter, read here what you would have received.

To find your account number and set a password, go here: https://www.community-exchange.org/resetpsw.asp

NB: The welcome letter below is generic. The actual welcome letter of the exchange you have joined could be different and will probably be in the default language of the exchange.

Dear {New Member},

Welcome to the {Exchange Name (CODE)}, your local exchange of the global Community Exchange System (CES).

To log in to your account, go to either:

CES desktop site: www.community-exchange.org
CES mobile site: mobi.community-exchange.org

Enter the following login details:

Account No: {Account No.}
Password: {Password}

You can also use your email address to log in instead of your account number.

When you log in with the above password for the first time, you will be asked to enter a new password of your own choice. Please note the password requirements to create a strong password. On saving your new password you will be presented with a login form to log in to the site for the first time.

When logged in, click on the [My Record] button at the top and your details will come up. Please check the entered details and amend them if necessary. Please also enter some details about yourself or your company/organisation and upload a photograph that will appear in your personal profile. Profile pictures should be square for them to display correctly.

Please read how to use the site by having a look at the User Guide, which is accessible from your personal home page. The [Help] button on every page gives contextual help.

If you provided offerings with your registration, these will have been entered by the Administrator. Click on the [Offerings] button at the top to ensure they are correct. Add detail to make them more appealing and upload photographs to attract the attention of those seeking what you offer. You may add as many additional offerings as you like by clicking on the [Offerings] button at the top. Please keep your offerings up to date, as they expire after a certain period. A list of the latest offerings is sent out weekly, so to keep your offerings on that list you need to update them regularly.

Feel free to contact any user in the Offerings List to purchase any goods and services they have advertised. Please don’t wait for someone to buy from you before you use the system. You don’t need to be in credit before making a purchase; going into debit is part of the system and simply represents your commitment to give back to the community.

Your initial debit limit (the amount you may go below zero) is {local debit limit} and your initial credit limit (the amount you may go above zero) is {local credit limit}. Your debit limit does not mean you ‘have’ an amount of the currency to spend; it means that the amount you ‘owe’ the community (your commitment) should not exceed the debit limit. What you ‘owe’ is determined by what you receive. At all times you should try to keep your mean balance as close to zero as possible. Once you have built up an earning history, you may apply to have your limits increased if you find them too restricting.

Remember: every purchase is a promise to sell and every sale is a promise to purchase. The system can only work if there is circulation and a balance between giving and receiving. Those who only take are milking the community while those who only give deny others the opportunity to provide.

If you do not have easy access to the internet or email, contact a local area coordinator living close to you who will provide you with assistance and advice on how to participate in your exchange. The contact details of coordinators are available from the user list and the ‘Information’ page. Click on the [Users] and [Information] buttons respectively. Alternatively, contact the exchange’s  Membership Coordinator at the number below.

There is a newsletter called Community Exchange News that you will begin to receive soon, as well as occasional Statements, Updates and Announcements.

If ever you forget your account details go to https://www.community-exchange.org/resetpsw.asp”. Search for your account number and request a link to reset your password.

If you require any assistance please contact me. I will be glad to help.

Happy trading!

Membership Coordinator

{Contact details available on logging in}