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1 Southern Mbeza Zasya Buntu Exchange ZBEX Mutual Credit Originally set up in 2010 and called 'Zambia Barter Exchange', ZBEX is the pioneer of complementary-currency mediated reciprocal trade in Zambia. Its rebranding in 2022 is reflective of the evolution of its principal and the times we now find ourselves in as the human family. "Zasya" is a Ciila word for "to make a fire blaze", " to help to build, cause to build, to build with" "Buntu" means "humanity" ​ Zasya Buntu is a call to remember the core meaning of being human that is summed up in the Zulu phrase "Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu", which literally means that a person is a person through other people, the English equivalent of which is "I am because you are"; a call to not forget that when we stop putting in a conscious effort into keeping our humanity blazing, we lose our spark. ​ 'Zasya Buntu' thus means 'Build humanity' or 'set humanity ablaze, and expresses the highest aspirations of the originator and sponsor of this rebranded platform, Mwami Munyati wa Mbeza and the Mbeza Royal Establishment of the Baila people of Southern Zambia, which include the strengthening, uplifting, and preservation of the best parts of the Ila-Speaking people's community, culture and way of life while boldly embracing the power of technology to provide leverage for cultural survival and growth into an empowered future for not only ourselves but for all of humanity. One key approach to fulfilling this vision is through the community-wide deployment of an inclusive, participatory economic model that takes cognizance of every individual's ability to contribute their talents' skills, products, services, time, and energy to a dynamic, people-centered marketplace that uses its own complementary currency - one we are calling 'Zuba" (meaning 'sun') - as a way of mediating trade. This 'abundance-as-default' marketplace runs parallel to the 'scarcity-by-default' fiat national currency-based marketplace and provides the capacity for the local community's economic expansion through the free flow of goods and services without the restrictions and limitations of the fiat cash economic model, by this very act redefining 'poverty'. ​ And because we operate in a larger context - that context in which there is no 'us' without the 'we' of humanity - and in recognition of the fact that 'tradable value' is universal and cross-border (of every ilk and tenor) trade is essential for the building and prosperity of any collective, we have opened up our marketplace to people outside of our hyperlocalized community. Thus, while ZBEX focuses primarily on the people of the first nation of Munyati and the Chiefdom of Nalubamba, it is open to all who connect with its vision and are open to being of service within a dynamic community and contributing to the fulfillment of a vision of a more equitable society.