Select Exchange: International

Select an exchange in International that you would like to join. If there is no exchange in your area, consider starting one.

# Province/State Place Name Code Type Description
1 Everywhere CES Project CESP Time Bank Time bank exchange for CES contributors (IT, design, marketing, writers, etc.)
2 Global Worldschooling Central Community Exchange WSCC Mutual Credit
3 Internacional Permis Internacional PCPI Mutual Credit
4 International NITE Global Accommodation Exchange NITE Mutual Credit The NITE Exchange is a global Accommodation Exchange. It caters for individuals, companies and organisations that offer accommodation services on mutual credit to other users on the Community Exchange System.
5 Everywhere International Global Groups Exchange GLOG Time Bank The Global Groups Exchange caters for individuals, companies and organisations that wish to be part if the CES but where there is no local exchange to join. It is also the exchange where CES global groups can have accounts. GLOG is time based.