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# Province/State Place Name Code Type Description
1 Anglesey Menai Bridge Dӧtïӧ Platform Community Exchange DPCE Mutual Credit
2 Antrim Belfast Belfast Community Exchange BECS Mutual Credit
3 Berkshire Bracknell Bracknell LETS BRLT Time Bank Bracknell LETS (Local Exchange Trading System) has been trading since 1994 and continues to thrive. Our by-line is "Open to all: trade skills, make friends, help people and bring back community spirit."
4 Bristol Bristol Bristol Community Exchange CARE Mutual Credit CARE0000
5 Cambridgeshire St Neots Cambridgeshire Community Exchange CAMX Mutual Credit
6 County Down Bangor North Down Community Exchange NDCE Mutual Credit
7 County Down Newry Rathwood Farm Community Exchange RFCE Mutual Credit
8 Denbighshire Llangollen Conscious Camp Exchange CCAM Mutual Credit
9 Devon Bideford North Devon LETs MLET Mutual Credit
10 Devon Totnes New Totnes LETS TOTL Mutual Credit
11 Essex Maldon Maldon Community Exchange MLDN Mutual Credit
12 Essex Southend-on-Sea Let's go Essex ESSE Mutual Credit
13 Gloucestershire Cinderford Perfecti Forest of Dean PFOD Mutual Credit
14 Greater London London One Drop Community Currency ODCC Mutual Credit There are many ways of exchanging what we have and can do for the things we need. ‘Money‘ is just one of them; ‘Noney’ is another. The internet revolution has brought us new ways of exchanging things, without the unnecessary step of acquiring money first. At CES we exchange and share what we have to offer for what others provide, using a variety of exchange methods: record keeping, time exchange, direct exchange, barter, swapping, gifting and sharing. Simply by keeping track of who receives what from whom we can dispense with the ancient idea of exchange media and the apparatus required to create, circulate and manage them. This helps us focus on providing and requesting what is really needed instead of chasing after money.
15 Hertfordshire Dacorum Area Grand Union Terra GUTS Mutual Credit
16 Hertfordshire Hemel Hempstead HempLETS HLTS Mutual Credit
17 Highland Aird & Loch Ness Nessa's Community Exchange NESS Mutual Credit
18 London London The Ryze Community Exchange RYZE Mutual Credit
19 London London Waltham Forest LETS WFCE Mutual Credit
20 London London North by North West London NNWL Mutual Credit
21 London London - North of the River Thames North London Local Exchange Trading Scheme NLCE Mutual Credit Exchange (local group) in CES covering all areas in all London boroughs north of the river Thames; L.B.Waltham Forest has also its own CES exchange (WFCE); concurrent use of NLLETS and other complementary currencies operating in the area permitted and encouraged
22 London Merton Wandle Local Exchange Trading System WLET Mutual Credit A community trading system for residents of the London Boroughs of Wandsworth and Merton
23 London UK LETSlink UK LLUK Mutual Credit
24 London West Drayton West Drayton Andromeda WSTD Mutual Credit
25 London Willesden The Collective Old Oak Exchange TCOA Time Bank
26 Manchester Levenshulme Alma Park Timebank APTB Time Bank
27 Norfolk Diss Diss Community Exchange DISS Mutual Credit
28 Northamptonshire Daventry Daventry Time Bank DVTB Time Bank
29 Northamptonshire Milton Keynes MK CLC MKCL Mutual Credit
30 Northumberland North Northumberland Berwick Exchange and Trading System BETS Mutual Credit
31 Somerset Glastonbury Glastonbury Community Exchange GLST Mutual Credit
32 Somerset Yeovil Yeovil & South Somerset LETS YSSL Mutual Credit
33 Staffordshire Earth Beacon Bank Community Exchange BANK Mutual Credit The Beacon Bank Community Exchange: We trade in Shells §, which are only valid for exchange within the 13 SUN Co-operative Principles for Ahimsa, harmlessness.
34 Surrey Epsom Roseberry Park Community Exchange RPCE Mutual Credit
35 Sussex Brighton Brighton Mutuality Exchange BRIG Mutual Credit
36 Swansea Swansea To Do Good Ltd Exchange TDGL Mutual Credit
37 Tyne and Wear Newcastle upon Tyne Newcastle Time Bank (North East UK) NETB Time Bank
38 Ulster Dungannon Constellation Local Exchange Trading System STAR Mutual Credit
39 Wales Swansea Swansea Within A Network SWAN Mutual Credit
40 West Sussex Bognor Regis Bognor Regis Community Exchange BOGR Time Bank
41 West Sussex Worthing New Eco City Projects NECP Mutual Credit
42 Yorkshire & the Humber Barton upon Humber Humber Common Law Collective LCLC Mutual Credit