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# Province/State Place Name Code Type Description
1 Bacau Schimb de Servicii Bacau SEBC Time Bank
2 Bucharest Freedomland Community Exchange FLCE Time Bank Freedomland Community has a cryptocurrency, a token as a currency - FreeComm (FRC). Freedomland Community Bank issued a fixed quantity of only 10.000.000 FRC all over the world. When you buy with 1 EUR an amount of 1 FRC, you are buying 1.000 convertible minutes at the production price. The total quantity existing is convertible minutes in the world, roughly one for each citizen. This is how the community is spreading. They can exchange the minutes along with the FRC.
3 Curtea de Arges EBB Romania EBBR Mutual Credit
4 Cluj Cluj Napoca Cluj CLUJ Mutual Credit
5 Constanța Constanța Jocul Constanța JCTA Mutual Credit
6 Mures Sighisoara Vecinatatea VCNT Mutual Credit
7 Romania Bucharest Bucharest Community Exchange BUCE Mutual Credit
8 Siebenbuergen Schaessburg SDN-Tauschring SDNB Mutual Credit