Select Exchange: Peru

Select an exchange in Peru that you would like to join. If there is no exchange in your area, consider starting one.

# Province/State Place Name Code Type Description
1 Cusco Cusco WinGet WGTN Mutual Credit
2 Huancayo Huancayo Eko Market EKOM Mutual Credit
3 Junin Huancayo/El Tambo Red de Moneda Social Us RMUS Mutual Credit
4 Junin Pichanaki Moneda Comunitaria SPUC Mutual Credit
5 Lima Lima Yobeps Community Exchange YOBS Mutual Credit
6 Lima Lima PERUradio PERA Mutual Credit
7 Lima Lima Humanidad Comunitaria TAWA Mutual Credit
8 Lima Lima CCI Community Exchange CCIE Mutual Credit
9 Lima Lima & Sanra Dinerodigital-Digitalmoney DIGM Mutual Credit
10 Lima Lima y a Nivel Nacional y Mundial Intercambio Local y Mundial Interconectados SRIV Mutual Credit Gestor y Administrador General
11 Pasco Oxapampa Sistema de intercambio Los Yanachagas LYCH Mutual Credit
12 PascoJunin Perú InterconectadosWorld INTW Mutual Credit