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# Province/State Place Name Code Type Description
1 Co Kildare Kildare Town Kildare LETS CKIE Mutual Credit
2 Co Tipperary Nenagh North Tipp NTEX Mutual Credit
3 Co. Leitrim Drumsna Leitrim Library of Things Ireland LOTI Mutual Credit
4 Cork Cork Cork L.E.T.S. CORK Mutual Credit Cork LETS ( is a not-for-profit community credit clearing service with an independent internal accounting unit ('Cr.' or 'Credit') run by and on behalf of its participants. One Credit = 10 Points
5 Cork Kinsale Kinsale Area Community Exchange KACE Mutual Credit
6 County Wicklow Blessington West Wicklow Community Exchange WWCE Mutual Credit
7 Derry / Antrim Causeway Coast Ireland North Coast Community Exchange NCCE Mutual Credit Local Exchange Trading System covering the North Coast of Northern Ireland ( with members in Coleraine, Portrush, Portstewart, Ballycastle
8 Ireland Ireland EIRE L.E.T.S. Network EIRE Mutual Credit EIRE LETS is a not-for-profit, interest-free, mutual credit, Community Trading Network
9 Limerick Limerick Community Exchange Limerick CELC Mutual Credit
10 Wexford Gorey North Wexford Community Exchange NWXE Mutual Credit Welcome to North Wexford Community Exchange...!! All free living men and women are most welcome... We follow "COOPerative Social Responsibility Intl. Standards"... Our Community Exchange is NOT a strawman in commerce, NOR a CORPorate fiction, NOR a legal entity; just a lawful group focused on community development... We uphold the Right of Freedom of Association as a fundamental and inherent right that all living men and women have... NO company with a profit motive OR without it, does NOT have authority over a living man OR living woman... Everyone standing in our community exchange is considered a living being and NOT a citizen... The administrator-s of this community exchange has a contract with its members, standing under Common & Natural Law. Without mutual consent in such community exchange there is NO authority NOR jurisdiction... North Weford Community Exchange administrator-s