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# Province/State Place Name Code Type Description
1 Ravensburg Schussentaler Tauschring STTR Mutual Credit
2 Baden Württemberg Heilbronn Solidarische Wirtschaft SOWI Time Bank
3 Baden-Württemberg Freiburg Talent-Tauschring e. V., Freiburg TTFR Mutual Credit
4 Brandenburg Berlin Berlin Community Credit Exchange BCCX Mutual Credit
5 Hessen Rüsselsheim Infinite Infinity Light of God Technologies ININ Time Bank Time Bank for Spiritual, related and support services. Open your CounterWallet here to store and trade Infinities: Desktop: Mobile:
6 Hessen Ulmbach Zeit für Deutschland ZFDE Time Bank
7 Nrw Duesseldorf Duesseldorf CES DUSE Time Bank
8 Sachsen-Anhalt Zscheiplitz Regional currency Saale-Unstrut STSU Mutual Credit
9 Schleswig-Holstein Bad Segeberg Mo international NORD Time Bank