Select Exchange: Switzerland

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# Province/State Place Name Code Type Description
1 Basel Stadt Basel Humanum Eco HECO Mutual Credit
2 Berner Oberland Thun Berner Oberland Tauschsystem BEOX Mutual Credit
3 Genève Meyrin Genève Community Exchange GEEX Mutual Credit
4 Graubünden Davos MySPURT SPUE Mutual Credit
5 Seeland BE time-trade TICH Time Bank Zeitbank, regionales Tauschnetzwerk für Zeit/Tätigkeiten. Pflege der nachbarschaftlichen Beziehungen. Time bank, network for community building.
6 Ticino Caslano Lugano & Caslano Ticino LCTI Time Bank
7 Zürich Zürich The Service Market EUYO Time Bank A platform where changemakers exchange their services!