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Select an exchange in Australia that you would like to join. If there is no exchange in your area, consider starting one.

# Province/State Place Name Code Type Description
1 New South Wales Bathurst Bathurst LETS BATL Mutual Credit
2 New South Wales Bellingen Bellingen Local Energy Sustainability System BLES Mutual Credit
3 New South Wales Canberra Canberra Rural LETS Exchange PLRG Mutual Credit
4 New South Wales NSW Far South Coast QuipShare Community Exchange QUIP Mutual Credit QuipShare an organisation run by its members. It provides a service which allows members to exchange information to support equipment exchange and maintain such accounts of trading as required by the membership. The sourcing and lending of equipment will
5 New South Wales Orange Orange Community Exchange OKCE Mutual Credit 1 Orange = $1
6 New South Wales St. George Civic Community Exchange CIVI Mutual Credit
7 Queensland Brisbane Free State Exchange Services FSNS Mutual Credit
8 Queensland Brisbane RefLETS Community Exchange RLCE Mutual Credit
9 Queensland Glasshouse Mountains Glasshouse Community Exchange System GCES Mutual Credit
10 Queensland Ipswich Ipswich Community Exchange System ICES Mutual Credit
11 Queensland Mt.Tamborine Mount Tamborine TMBR Mutual Credit
12 Queensland Roma Maranoa Community Exchange MACE Mutual Credit
13 South Australia South Adelaide LETS South Local Exchange Trading System LSTH Mutual Credit
14 Victoria Bayside Good Life Club - Bayside GLBS Mutual Credit Building a resilient community.
15 Victoria Bet Bet Bet Bet Community Exchange BBCE Mutual Credit The Bet Bet Community Exchange is open to everyone with a 25 kilometre radius. Please join us and help each other without worrying about helping the banks and credit unions.
16 Victoria City of Port Phillip LETS in Port Phillip LIPP Mutual Credit
17 Victoria Dargo Dargo Highlands Community Farm DHCF Mutual Credit
18 Victoria Healesville Collaboration of Heroes for Health Happiness Harmony and Healing Community CHCE Mutual Credit
19 Victoria Latrobe Valley Latrobe Valley Exchange LVEX Mutual Credit
20 Victoria Melbourne Human Design HDSE Mutual Credit
21 Victoria North Warrandyte North Warrandyte RakeLETS NWRL Time Bank North Warrandyte RakeLETs was established to support and encourage community fire prevention/mitigation activities. Our first major event was a Rakeathon
22 Victoria Warburton Yarra Valley LETS YVLS Mutual Credit
23 Victoria Wonthaggi Bass Coast Community Exchange BCCE Mutual Credit
24 Western Australia Kununurra Kununurra Community Exchange KNXC Time Bank