Record New Exchange

Being Administrator
Recording an exchange means that you or your organisation becomes the Administrator of the exchange. What the CES provides is just a tool for managing your exchange, it is not the exchange itself. An exchange is a real life, on-the-ground entity established for the purpose of facilitating trade in your community without the use of conventional currencies. To find out more about what it means to be Administrator, read here.
Enter the details of your new exchange below. The web site will be in the language that you select (if translated).
Details of New Exchange Group
Full title of exchange: (e.g. New Town Community Exchange)
Short name for exchange: (e.g. New Town) - this gets used in menus
Four letter code for exchange: (e.g. NTCE) - exchange ID; account number prefix
Location (City/Town/Place): (where this exchange is located)
County/Province/State etc: (where this exchange is located)
Exchange type: « Exchange types
Time unit: « Time units (for time banks only)
Currency name [Singular|Plural]: (e.g. Talent|Talents, Hour|Hours, Eco|Ecos, etc)
Currency symbol: (e.g. G$, T, H)
Web site of exchange: (if any)
Language: (default language for new members)
Other language: (if not listed above)
If this is a new exchange please tell us about your vision for it; if it is an existing exchange tell us something about its history and your vision for the future.
Administrator's Details
Please provide as much detail as you can. This information is for your members, who will want to know how to contact the administrator in different ways.
Full name:
Address (cont.):
Address (cont.):
County/Province/State etc:
Additional detail can be provided after your new exchange has been set up. You will be able to submit your logo and modify default text to customise your site.