A new feature has been added to the CES website allowing you to post offerings and wants to Facebook and Twitter. You can post information about your own or others’ offers and wants.

To use this feature, view the full details of any offering or want. You can do this from the offerings and wants lists. In the right hand column you will see ‘View offer’ or ‘View want’. Click on that to see the full details of the offer or want. When the full details display, you will see ‘Share on Facebook’ and ‘Tweet’ at the bottom right.

If using the Facebook option, the Share on Facebook page will ask where you want to post the advert. A good option is to select ‘Share in a group’ and then give your own exchange’s Facebook page, if it has one. You may, of course, post it on your own timeline or anywhere else.

When someone clicks on your ad in Facebook or the link in Twitter, they will see a page showing brief details about the offering. A ‘View Advert’ link is provided to allow members to log into their accounts to view and respond to the actual advert.