There are many web sites dealing with alternative exchange systems and related issues. The following are some of the most interesting:

Alternative Exchange Systems

The following resources are to help you understand the nature of money-as-we-know-it and why we need a new money system.

Documents, Books, Publications and Articles

Monetary Reform

Monetary History


  • The Global Debt Clock
    World debt comparison. An interactive overview of government debt across the planet
  • Money, Banking and Credit
    This site is devoted to the issues of money, banking, fiscal, and monetary policy and their impacts on families and the nation as a whole
  • The People vs The Banks
    Class action suit on behalf of the people of Canada alleging that financial institutions are illegally creating money.

Audio & Video

  • CC Video
  • Collection of videos on complementary currency systems
  • Crash Course
  • The Crash Course is the world’s most concise video seminar on how our economy, energy systems, and environment interact, and how they will impact the future.
  • Community Exchange System. Interview with Tim Jenkin, the designer and programmer of the CES, with Adin Van Ryneveld, the “No Money Guy”. [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4]
  • Money as Debt [Google video] [Transcript (PDF)]
    Paul Grignon’s animated presentations of “Money as Debt” tell in very simple and effective graphic terms what money is and how it is being created. It is an entertaining way to get the message out
  • Documentary Wire
    Money & Banking documentaries
  • Living Without Money
    Imagine no possessions. I wonder if you can.
  • The Money Masters [Google video]
    How International Bankers Gained Control of America
  • Monopoly Men
    Federal Reserve Fraud (1999)
  • Renaissance 2.0
    Documents the conversion of the US into a monolithic financial empire as the Federal Reserve Act created a monopolized cartel of private interests, “Wall Street”, that controls all money in the system
  • The Story of Stuff
    How Things Work, About Stuff. Website
  • The Wizards of Money
    MP3 Audio and Transcript Downloads

Alternative Exchange and Money Systems

Alternative Exchange Systems: Information on this can be found on various platforms detailing alternative currencies, such as [Wikipedia’s page on complementary currencies] (【7†source】.

Alternative Money Systems: [SocialCompare] ( offers a comprehensive comparison of different alternative currencies and systems【9†source】.

Community and Collaborative Platforms

Altruists International: [Altruists International] ( provides resources and information on altruism and community projects.

Community Exchange System (CES): Find information and participate in the CES at [Community Exchange System] (【9†source】.

Community Forge: This platform supports community currency projects, accessible at [Community Forge] (【7†source】.

Crom Alternative Exchange Association: More details on their activities can be found at [Crom Alternative Exchange] (【7†source】.

Local Exchange Systems in Asia, Africa, and Latin America: Refer to the [Wikipedia page] ( for specific examples and systems in these regions【7†source】.

Collaborative Finance – Banking on Each Other: Information on collaborative finance can be found through various articles and comparisons on alternative currencies, like [TED Blog] (【8†source】. ### Informational and Educational Resources

Complementary Currency Resource Centre: Details on complementary currencies can be found at [SocialCompare] (【9†source】.

Complementary Currency Software: Information on software used for complementary currencies can be accessed through various resources listed on platforms like SocialCompare【9†source】.

International Journal of Community Currency Research: Access their publications and resources at [IJCCR] (

LETS Vlaanderen: Information on LETS groups in Flanders, Belgium, can be found at [LETS Vlaanderen] (【9†source】.

Letslink UK: Engage with LETS systems in the UK via [Letslink UK] (【9†source】.

Online Database of Complementary Currencies Worldwide: The [Community Exchange System] ( also provides a global database【9†source】.

Projects and Initiatives

Ithaca HOURs Online: Learn about this local currency at [Ithaca HOURs] (【8†source】.

The Open Money Project: Details available at [Open Money] (【9†source】.

P2P Foundation: Explore P2P finance and alternative currencies at [P2P Foundation] (【9†source】.

REconomy Project: Information on this initiative is available at [REconomy Project] (【9†source】.

Timebanking Australia: Access their services and information at [Timebanking Australia] (【9†source】.

Time Dollar Institute: Information about time banking and the institute’s initiatives can be found at [TimeBanks USA] (【9†source】.

Miscellaneous Resources

  1. EF Schumacher Society: The Schumacher Center for a New Economics provides resources on local currencies at [Schumacher Center] (【7†source】.
  2. Grassroots Economics: Learn about their work on community currencies in Africa at [Grassroots Economics] (【7†source】.
  3. The Money Fix: Watch the documentary and learn more at [The Money Fix] (【7†source】.
  4. Mutual Credit Services: Information on mutual credit systems can be found through resources like [Wikipedia] (【7†source】.
  5. The Open Credit Network: Access information about the network at [Open Credit Network] (【9†source】.
  6. Strohalm for a Change: Details available at [STRO] (【7†source】

Documents, Books, Publications, and Articles

  1. Beyond Money – A comprehensive source by Thomas H. Greco, Jr., detailing the theory and practice of complementary currencies and monetary reform. The site includes his publications, articles, and presentations. – Website: [Beyond Money] (
  2. Altruists International Money-Related Downloads – A repository of downloadable materials focusing on alternative economic systems, community currencies, and monetary reform.
  3. Complementary Currency Bookstore – A selection of books and materials dedicated to understanding and implementing complementary currencies and exchange systems. Notable authors include Bernard Lietaer and Gwendolyn Hallsmith.
  4. The End of Money and the Future of Civilization – A book by Thomas H. Greco, Jr. discussing the shortcomings of the current monetary system and proposing alternatives for a more equitable financial system. – Review available: [The End of Money and the Future of Civilization Review by Tim Jenkin] (
  5. Community Currency Guide – Authored by Bernard Lietaer and Gwendolyn Hallsmith, this guide provides insights into the creation and management of community currencies.
  6. Interest and Inflation Free Money – By Margrit Kennedy, this book explores the concepts of interest-free economies and how they can prevent inflation.
  7. Money: Understanding and Creating Alternatives to Legal Tender – Another essential book by Thomas H. Greco, Jr., providing a deep dive into creating viable alternatives to conventional money.
  8. The Moneyless Manifesto – By Mark Boyle, this book explores living without money and the practicalities and philosophies behind a money-free existence.
  9. Modern Money Mechanics – A workbook by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago explaining the mechanics of bank reserves and deposit expansion. – Download: [Modern Money Mechanics PDF] (

Monetary Reform

  1. Positive Money – An organization advocating for monetary reform to solve the debt crisis, emphasizing the need for publicly-created, debt-free money. – Website: [Positive Money] (
  2. The American Monetary Institute – Focuses on monetary reform, including the American Monetary Act and the Monetary Transparency Act. – Website: [American Monetary Institute] (
  3. Prosperity – A monthly journal based in Glasgow, Scotland, dedicated to understanding the debt-based money system and advocating for monetary reform. – Website: [Prosperity Journal] (

Monetary History

  1. Money – Past, Present & Future – A resource detailing the history of money, contemporary developments, and the evolution of electronic money.
  2. Gold: Prices, Facts, Figures & Research – Historical data and research on gold prices, providing context to its role in monetary history.

Audio & Video

  1. Money as Debt – An animated presentation by Paul Grignon explaining how money is created and its implications. – Available on: [Google Video] (
  2. The Money Masters – A documentary exploring how international bankers gained control over America’s financial system. – Available on: [Google Video] (
  3. Living Without Money – A documentary envisioning a world without money, exploring the possibilities and challenges of such a society.

Research, resources and other items

  1. Bibliography of Community Currency Research: You can explore a comprehensive list of research on community currencies through the “Community Exchange System” website. It includes numerous documents and articles related to community currencies worldwide. You can access it [here] (
  2. Community Currency Materials, Information and Resources: The Appropriate Economics website offers a variety of resources on community currencies, particularly focused on regions like Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Visit their resources page [here] (【30†source】.
  3. Complementary Currency Bookstore: For a wide range of books on complementary currencies, the Community Exchange System offers a dedicated bookstore section. Check it out [here] (
  4. Community Currency Guide by Bernard Lietaer and Gwendolyn Hallsmith: This guide can be found through the Community Exchange System, which hosts numerous guides and manuals related to complementary currencies. You can find the guide [here] (【31†source】.
  5. The End of Money and the Future of Civilization by Thomas H Greco: This book, along with a review by Tim Jenkin, is available on Chelsea Green Publishing’s website. You can access it [here] (【31†source】.
  6. Interest and Inflation Free Money by Margrit Kennedy: Margrit Kennedy’s influential work on interest and inflation-free money is hosted on her user page at the Free University of Berlin. You can read it [here] (【31†source】.