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Click on the Proceed button below to see a fully working demonstration of a CES account. This is what an account holder sees after logging in. The only difference between the demo site and the real one is that the inter-exchange trading features have been disabled. Click here to see a list of some of the disabled features.

All data is fictitious and does not correspond to any data on the real web site. You may enter and edit data but please do not replace what is already there.

The purpose here is simply to demonstrate the nature of a CES account and give an idea of how the CES works. Apart from the disabled features mentioned above, there is nothing more in a real CES user account than is shown here.

If you are interested in joining a local exchange of the CES, study how the system works by understanding the features and facilities of an account as shown here, and then fill in the membership joining form available by clicking on the Join button above. For further information you can read the User Guide, which is available from the demo site.

Please do not join just to have a look. We require active traders who are going to offer genuine goods and services and engage in real trading with other users.

Set up a CES exchange in your area

If you would like to set up a CES exchange in your area or register an existing one, click on the Register button above. There are currently 1023 independent exchanges in 98 countries.

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