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Create a New Exchange Group for your community

Before registering, please consider the following:
  • Check if there is already a CES exchange in your area
    First check if there is already an existing CES exchange in your area by selecting your country from the drop-down list below. If there is not one, or your country is not listed, click on the button below to register a new exchange!
  • Join your existing group to the CES network
    If you are an administrator of an existing complementary currency trading group, such as a LETS group or time bank, why not register it with the CES and become part of an international trading network that permits global trading. By linking your group to the CES you can move your accounts to a sophisticated, internet-based platform and take advantage of the many built-in tools for administering the group. Your legacy data can be imported into CES so you can carry on from where you left off.
  • Community exchange or time bank?
    The CES caters for both mutual credit exchanges, where the unit of value is based on the national currency or any other standard, and time banks, where the unit of value is based on time.

No costs in conventional money

There are no costs in conventional money to be part of the Community Exchange Network. We are doing everything possible to eliminate our need for conventional money and create an exchange system that runs on its own steam.

Register now!

If you feel that there are enough people in your community who might be interested in trading without using your ever-scarce national currency, or who are troubled by the serious problems created by the current debt-based money system, register a new exchange.