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Your talents are your wealth

Trade and exchange without physical currency

Building communities and keeping wealth where it is created

Inter-community trading, right up to the global level

A World Without Money

There are many ways of exchanging what we have and can do for the things we need. ‘Money‘ is just one of them; ‘Noney’ is another. The internet revolution has brought us new ways of exchanging things, without the unnecessary step of acquiring money first. At CES we exchange and share what we have to offer for what others provide, using a variety of exchange methods: record keeping, time exchange, direct exchange, barter, swapping, gifting and sharing. Simply by keeping track of who receives what from whom we can dispense with the ancient idea of exchange media and the apparatus required to create, circulate and manage them. This helps us focus on providing and requesting what is really needed instead of chasing after money.

How does it work?

The CES provides its users with a platform for advertising their offerings and wants, as well as a variety of instruments for facilitating trade and exchange. Read more…

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Sign up for an account with an exchange group in your area and begin trading immediately. If there is no exchange in your area then consider starting one. Sign up…

Global Network

This is the first and only global network of communities using alternative exchange systems. There are currently 41307 users in 1019 exchanges in 97 countries. List…

Which comes first: Production or Exchange?

This is one of those classic chicken and egg questions. There can be no exchange without production but production can only happen if there are preceding exchanges. At first glance it seems that production must be the starting point because if you want to exchange you... read more

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