Community Exchange News

Community Exchange News is the Newsletter of the Johannesburg Talent Exchange, in Johannesburg, South Africa

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No.38 December
  1. CES wins contract with Australian government
  2. 'Buddy System' starts working
  3. Concentrate on the Giving, not the Getting
  4. NITE Exchange
  5. Essential reading
No.37 August
  1. CES Assistance - Can You Help?
  2. Tip: How to Keep your Offerings Alive
  3. Where Are My 500 Talents?
  4. Exponential Growth: Over 450 CES Exchange Groups Around the World
  5. Are you Prepared for the Coming Financial Storm?
  6. How to Revive a Dormant Exchange
  7. Skill Share
  8. Exchange Growth if you take a Risk
  9. Talents and Rands
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