Registration Types - Questions and Answers

You may register as the following:

Q. What is an individual registration?

Most registrations are 'individual' registrations. This means the registration is for a single individual, much like a personal bank account. The account details you will receive are for you only and no one else may share your account details for trading.

Q. What is a company registration?

A 'company' registration is for companies. What actually constitutes a company is not defined but it includes normal registered companies and any other entity that operates like a commercial company. This could be an individual offering a professional service but who wants to be registered with the CES under a name other than that of an individual. The name displayed on the site will be the name of the company rather than that of the contact person of the company.

Q. What is an organisation registration?

An 'organisation' registration is for organisations. What actually constitutes an organisation is not defined but it includes normal registered organisations or any other entity that operates as an organisation.

Q. What is a shared registration?

A 'shared' registration is a shared account, much like a joint bank account. It is also called a 'family' account because all members of your family may use a single account number for trading. What constitutes a 'shared' is not defined but the registered name will be held responsible and accountable for all trading with the account number.